BEST Street Food in Osaka Japan | Kuromon Market

Kuromon Market

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38 Replies to “BEST Street Food in Osaka Japan | Kuromon Market”

  1. Pinkpanda73

    I love how you let the place and atmosphere speak for itself, it makes us feel like we're there with you. It's refreshing to watch, because its not as loud and obnoxious as other traveler's videos. And it feels to watch in quarantine :3

  2. Milly Howard

    Even though I'm just now watching this video. I love that there is no talking and I just get to experience the atmosphere

  3. Lisa

    I think you are the only vlogger that I can watch without getting motion sickness. How to shoot with such a steady hand? Please keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos during these tough times.

  4. 嘉史


  5. 紅茶にレノン

    ​Thank you for shooting Japan in high quality.
    ​But Japanese are about 30%.
    ​Most of them are non-Japanese Asians. ​They are Chinese or Korean.
    ​I'm glad that there are many tourists, but I want people from various countries to see Japan.

  6. dineshvs30

    The prices are too high, visit Vietnam or Thailand, tasty food at much lesser prices ! In India you can have complete meal for that price !

  7. Joanna Tsang Ramberg

    I’ve gained 5lbs just looking this video!!! 😂😂😂

    And LOTS of Chinese people. I definitely heard Cantonese near the beginning of the video and I think Mandarin close to half way after the takoyaki stand…

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