Japan vs. USA: Food Culture / 日本 vs. アメリカ:食文化

Music by Bossfight. Some differences in food culture I’ve encountered over the years.

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45 Replies to “Japan vs. USA: Food Culture / 日本 vs. アメリカ:食文化”

  1. alex carter

    Natto's not-to-bad lol. Some brands have more "strings" than others, but it's not a problem. And it tastes good with the toppings that come with it, and I add a little shoyu too. You have to find out which brand or brands you like. And some hard core people make their own, there are videos on here about it.

  2. Honey Amber

    Holy shit the second stuffed crust no way completely took me out ohhhh my gosh the first one was hilarious already but the second one was hysterical

  3. Pebkac124

    Whenever theres a book we have to read in Illinois public education its the jungle.
    Whenever i cant stand a food in illinois, someone mentions the jungle
    Whenever you talk to a gen z in Illinois, they get ptsd from mentioning the jungle
    Whenever you talk to a Vietnam vet in Illinois they get ptsd from mentioning the jungle

  4. Rima Aouadi

    Am i the only one that is picky about water ? French water is nasty that crystal thingy i can't remember the name , tastes so salty and chemically, same with the italian one ! For algeria i only like the water in my city and in Algiers because it tastes sweet, at my grandma's it tastes too plain ! I really am picky

  5. 石川Demi

    I laughed so hard at the water one. When I lived there, the tiny cups were so difficult to drink out of cause I was SO thirsty LOL this is great

  6. R R

    😂👍 I laughed when it said IL The jungle. I live Chicago and remember my teacher talking about the heard of cattle she would see from her school window.

  7. J B

    the most cheese I ever have in one sitting is when eating pasta, so I didn't really get the cheese joke being repeated over and over. Maybe its just not as prevalent in my part of the USA.

    The water thing is 100% accurate though, hydrate or diedrate fool.

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