3.5kg GIANT PARFAIT & Street Food in Musashi Koyama, Tokyo

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At 800 meters long, Musashi Koyama Shotengai Palm is Tokyo’s longest covered shotengai (shopping street). Here, visitors can enjoy shopping and eating, even on a rainy day. The area was hit by the bombing of Tokyo in 1944 but in 1947 a cooperative formed to revive the area. A few years later in 1956, the first 470-meter-long arcade was completed and over the years has been continually added onto. Now, Musashi Koyama Shotengai Palm encompasses a total of 4 arcades and has around 200 shops selling everything from street food and groceries to stationary and appliances.

Shizuka visits a bakery that’s famous for its wide variety of anpan (sweet bean buns) and a popular local yakitori shop for a quick bite of the iconic Japanese street food. But the crowning glory of this Musashi Koyama expedition is the 60cm tall, 3.5kg parfait at King and Strawberry! Quite a challenge, the owner created it to bring a smile to the faces of his customers and it has certainly succeeded, attracting nationwide attention from various media outlets.

Featured shops in Musashi Koyama:
1 – Komine Bakery Main Store こみねベーカリー
2 – Toriyuu 鳥勇 一番通り店
3 – King and Strawberry 王様といちご


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HOST » Shizuka Anderson
DIRECTOR » David Woo
VIDEO EDITOR » Edvin Mulalic
PRODUCER » Serkan Toso
LINE PRODUCER » Rika Hoffman

48 Replies to “3.5kg GIANT PARFAIT & Street Food in Musashi Koyama, Tokyo”

  1. Timothy Siu

    Thanks Shizuka for the great content! Making me want to revisit Japan asap haha

    Will you ever collab with Sonny again? (Just curious)

  2. Armando Dy

    I just got here cause of Sonny Side. Awesome underrated channel. And the beautiful host is pure eye candy. Oh great now I'm hungry. 🤭🥟🥟🥟🥙🍧🍻🍺🥃😉👍

  3. ZaCker

    very informative and good hosting too. may i suggest that the b-roll music be softer to match the volume of the voice? I find myself having to adjust volume too often.

  4. Victor Lim W H

    Thanks for the video. Really miss Japan.
    Maybe you can look for those 'hole in the wall', under rated places for food.

  5. astroboy3507

    Yes I bet u miss that easy interaction with strangers in your home town!!
    But Japan so have so much good foods!!!!😁❤

  6. Nathaniel Mills

    This episode didn't feel rushed at all. Enjoyed those closing remarks.

    By the way, that icecream was ridiculously big!

  7. Let's Try: Kitchen

    I miss Yakitori joints while living in Japan! I could literally eat 20 Yakitori sticks on a night out. PLUS beer. Ugh, I want to go back now. Thanks Shizuka for being such a warm and inviting host. Loved this video.

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