Amazing Winter Road Trip for First Timers in Japan (Fukushima – Travel Tohoku)

This 5 day road trip through northern Japan begins traveling from Tokyo to Fukushima as we explore the most beautiful parts of the country during in the Winter. For this vacation we find out the best things to do in the Kanto and Tohoku regions including the ski resorts, famous temples, shrines, waterfalls, theme parks, and many more. Vlog 529

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31 Replies to “Amazing Winter Road Trip for First Timers in Japan (Fukushima – Travel Tohoku)”

  1. wacky wacks

    Hey Will, can you please do an interview vlog with your parents about their love story.? Thanks in advance. By the way, I am finishing all the ads regardless if it’s short or 5min long to show support. Cheers!

  2. ꌗꀎꀤ ႺპႶპRiႽ乃尺ㄚㄥ

    Your vlogs seems like an addiction Wil. I've watched many of your vlogs and it is so good. We feel the excitement of your videos. I feel happy whenever I saw how you're enjoying with your fam. #DasoFam

  3. tom cruz

    Winter season I hated most!lots of clothes to wear eventually more laundry to wash , and taking a bath is really pain in the butt


    Yeyy… Men @wil dasovich malapit kona matapos lahat ng vlogs mo!!! Yayyyy!!! Kinakain mo lahat ng oras ko! Soon ill be free!! Echoss lng… 😂😍

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