I recently went to Tokyo (Japan), while there I shot a lot of random things while on my trip to Japan so I was not sure what to do with all the footage, turns out I shot a lot of street food walking the streets of Tokyo, so I thought I might as well make a Tokyo street food video.
Most of the video is shot on my iPhone and in the Tsukiji fish market area.
I kept the footage with the ambient street sounds instead of adding background music so it would feel like you guys were there with me enjoying the street food with me, I hope you all enjoy this Japanese street food video and enjoy their interesting style of street cuisine.

the girl holding the ice cream (my GF)

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  1. How To Make Sushi

    This was not excatly the video I thought I would film when I initally went to Tokyo Japan, I honetsly was planning much more but when I got there I was so excited by everything and trying everything I could in my short time there that I kind of forgot to film properly, I just kept aiming the camera at random stuff and when I got home I had some real issues figuring out what to do with all the bits of footage that I shot, this is why I have not uploaded in the last few months just hit a wall and didnt really know what to do creativly with what I had, also I was kind of dissapointed with what footage I had shot on my trip. In the end I decided to make this Japanese street food video and move on. New sushi and recipe videos are coming soon, I hope you all enjoy this japan street food video in the mean time 🙂

  2. Iqra Azim

    To everyone here, takoyaki is halal but not the sauce. The sauce of original takoyaki has buta (pig) in it. Where as all the takoyaki EXCEPT NEGI TAKO AS IT HAS NO SAUCE should be avoided because other sauces have  酒精 in it.

  3. Trunrada Nuntaphan


  4. ShinKyuubi

    Okay…I like some Japanese food for as little as I get to try it..but I have tried cooking some myself (With limited success in some cases) but I have no idea what the egg on a stick thing was about and whatever the big fluffy thing at the pancake and coffee place is…I wanna try it. I've very recently gotten to finally try takoyaki and taiyaki..two Japanese foods I've wanted to try for a very long time..they taste AMAZING. I'm not normally a seafood guy but the takoyaki was delicious especially the sauce and Japanese mayo that was on them…sadly the ones I had weren't as fancy looking as the ones here. Plus I can see why taiyaki are supposed to be popular winter foods…now if only there was a place I could get them in the winter where I live lol..just standing outside in the snow and enjoying one nice and warm as I go about my day…though I can make them myself rather easy if I just buy the fish shaped pan. Not really much of a bean guy but the anko paste used in taiyaki and daifuku is tasty.

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