Hokkaido Winter Market & Street Food Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Hokkaido in the winter is cold and if you go to the very north coast along the Sea of Okhotsk, you’ll find Abashiri (網走市) 260km / 165mi north of Sapporo.
In February, it’s the high season for tourists because this is where you go to see a lot of snow. ice drifts and eat a lot of amazing seafood.

During the city’s annual Drift Ice Festival, you’ll also find the amazing Okhotsk Yatai Mura Food Market (オホーツク屋台村) where local resident come out to celebrate the cold long nights together with good food from the Sea of Okhotsk and copious amounts of beer and atsukan (hot Japanese sake). This is an excellent experience of a lively night market in Hokkaido and worth a stop and bite.

What do we eat at the market in this episode?
★ Snow Crab
☆ Ramen
★ Fried Shrimp
★ Grilled Oysters
★ Hokke Mackerel
★ Monster Scallops
☆ Udon
☆ Steamed Potatoes
☆ Yakisoba
☆ Okonomiyaki

It’s hard not to get a little tipsy here, but one thing is for sure, you’ll make a ton of friends and eat a lot of food.

There are also other things to do in Abashiri like visit the famous Prison which I covered in a previous episode.
WHAT’S JAPANESE PRISON FOOD LIKE? (Abashiri Prison Restaurant)

The Ice Drift Tour:

List of events in Abashiri:

Where is Abashiri, Hokkaido?

THANK YOU to the wonderful people of Abashiri for offering me such great hospitality, being brave to talk to a stranger and helping me get around the city. I hope to be back again soon.
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25 Replies to “Hokkaido Winter Market & Street Food Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN”

  1. Nosh Abroad

    John, what a great "Slice of Life™" video. You really capture not just the food, but people and culture that it represents. I haven't made it to Hokkaido (yet), but I love cold weather and this makes me want to go even more! Thanks for another amazing production. When a shrimp is fried, I have never had an issue eating the whole thing. P.S. I'm also loving the more consistent release schedule.

  2. SilkyC

    As a Canadian seeing how "cold" it gets…I would gladly live here with -10C compared to my -40C! Such a beautiful view and food. I do wish that here in Ontario they had more outdoor markets in the winter!!! So wonderful to see Hokkaido thriving!

  3. bostonian guy

    I eat the whole shrimp w/ shell if it's seasoned. The shell texture is weird to me but the shell does a good job capturing the seasoning so I dont mind.

  4. samuraimonkey

    John fall off the side of a beautiful mountain in Japan and breaks every bone in his body:

    John (big smile): 9 out of 10!

  5. Randall Tom

    I'm from Chicago. I started eating shrimp with the shell on out of laziness of wanting to peel it, but soon learned exactly what your VLOG mentioned….the shell is where the strong flavor is. Now I eat it with shell for the flavor! Love your VLOGs!!

  6. Thomas Reid

    It's like soft shell crab those shrimp then? To my knowledge, we don't eat the shell because it's too hard and is dangerous to swallow since it can be sharp. They're kept for stocks ofc but that's the only thing we use the shells for.

  7. Kevin N

    Attn John Daub
    With all these wonderful foods of Japan, Do you know what foods you (can/can't) eat some people have a (food intolerance/allergy) so they have to be very careful.

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