Three side trips from Nagoya |

Learn more about three side trips from Nagoya

In this video, we explore three side-trip options from the city of Nagoya, each with something unique to offer travelers willing to venture a little off the beaten track. From visiting shrines around Mount Ontake to exploring rural towns and National parks in Gifu Prefecture, and finally Kumano City – a seaport town in Mie Prefecture known for beautiful mountain scenery, coastal landscapes, and its position on an ancient pilgrim trail.

– Video Credits –
Narrator: Matt Evans
Videographer and editor: Thomas Roennlund
Producer: Stefan Schauwecker

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  1. V Lo

    I appreciate that you chose less common destinations (or coupled them with more famous ones). Of course, there is nothing wrong with mentioning places like Inuyama, Ise, Okazaki, etc. It makes a lot of sense and is helpful for new travelers to the region, but those places are so common and easy to find on one's own. The destinations featured here go off the radar a bit, so even travelers who are already familiar with the area may get some new ideas.

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  3. Sakura Moore

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  4. Sam Evans

    Great ideas, some absolutely stunning places showcased here that look wonderful for the soul. Great job as always from Matt and the crew!

  5. StAngerNo1

    I'm missing a bit the soul in your video compared to the other current/former staff writers. You need to be a bit more personal, talk to the camera while on the trip. This feels like it could have just been stock fotage instead (I know it's not). Also you could leave a bit more time to talk and show the places, 7 minutes is to short for the amount of places you covered, everything feels a bit rushed.

  6. towelkeeper

    01:05 Never ever put your lips to the ladle when you are purifying yourself at a chozuya. Instead pour water in your hand and rinse your mouth with that. 🙂

    Touching it with your lips is a huge no no, because it is unsanitary and seen as rude.

  7. James Chicks

    You've shown us some really epic shots this time! Are you related to the infant Sam by the way? Also, you have a perfect narration voice. Like a dad reading a goodnight story for his children!

  8. What the Nihon

    Love that you guys are still getting out there and keeping the Wanderlust alive. Doing the Kumano Kodo has been on the list of must do's for a long time…you've just inspired me to add Ontake 🙂 Love that you guys have been bringing so much attention to Nagoya, it really is an awesome place to start/finish your adventures in Japan. Can't wait for this to end and for travel to resume…till then saving the vacation days and money for more adventures in Japan.

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