How to Stay Consistent When Learning Japanese (or Any Language)

In this clip from a Genki Japanese lesson, Andy covers how to stay consistent when learning Japanese, or any language for that matter. It’s very difficult for new comers to language learning to stay consistent. Hopefully, the tips in THIS clip can help YOU stay consistent when learning a language.

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16 Replies to “How to Stay Consistent When Learning Japanese (or Any Language)”

  1. 奈璃子

    yes !! everytime i get asked how i keep consistent with my studies or what resources i use to study, i always tell people to try out new things. i get that people want to start with a strong routine but i think it's so much fun to dabble in a bunch of different methods. i took over a year before i found my footing for korean and now, i can be super consistent but i still always try new things. ive tried it all from learning 25 words a day to learning a grammar rule a day, a grammar rule a week, studying 4 hours a day, studying 30 minutes a day, only studying vocab, writing a journal, speaking for 10 minutes a day and i've tried every textbook and website out there. it's been fun, long and frustrating but now i know myself and my study habits and ive made so much progress.

    another tip is to not overdo studying !! i recently studied for 4 hours a day for a week straight and i got so burnt out and didnt study for 2 weeks. even if you enjoy studying for long hours it will take a toll on you in the long run 🙂


    have you thought about making a podcast where you just talk about anything at all just with easy Japanese and constantly introducing and reusing new vocabulary?

  3. Randy

    Well said Andy. Advice like this saved me from WaniKani burnout (hit level 40). My kanji was becoming N2 level while the rest of my japanese was somewhere between N5 and N4. Unbalanced! I switched it up and now I am getting much better at the language overall! Thanks for the recommendation on Satori Reader!

  4. Tara Angel

    Another great tip Andy gave later during the livestream of the Genki II lesson 18 was on listening comprehension. If you can say what is being said in a listening test, you’ll understand it, because you’ll know how to say it…just listening doesn’t lead to perfect speaking, but speaking does lead to perfect listening, in his opinion. Very helpful!

  5. mmmirele

    This is such a great video. I wish everyone learning a language would watch it at least once. There are so many people trying to sell THE METHOD and you're right, you have to find the method you like.

  6. Han-chan

    I love this clip so much ; w; This is so valuable for people who are early on in figuring out how to get started and how to keep going. There's so much out there of "This is how I learned it, and therefore is The Best And Only Way To Do It and Everything Else Is Wrong," which is so frustrating and can feel like a roadblock if you're just getting started and don't feel like you have "permission" to do something else, or if you do something else you'll mess up FOREVER. And it's just not the case.

    The best way to finish something, is to get started, using whatever method "feels" best for you. 😀 Thanks Andy!

  7. Sa ra

    Or, at least, keep going when you really don't feel like it: you don't need to always put 2+ hours in it everyday, you can listen and read to a bunch of song lyrics, watch an episode or a film in japanese, anything

  8. WN2W

    Thank you for the great video! It's crazy how many videos out there claim to be the "best way" to learn a language. My current method of japanese is a little grammar and vocab (about half hour each) and then relax in Japanese reading, video games or youtube videos to really reinforce what I've been doing. I should probably talk more though 😅

  9. Daniel Tk

    I started to study Japanese, besides my full time job. Corona makes it possible. Everything is online. But the tempo is pretty fast, every week we start a new genki lesson, so a lot of vocabulary and new grammar to learn. Currently I am struggling with vocabulary the most. Anki is pretty convenient though… whats your method for vocab and new grammar? Regards

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