Japan travel – Nara with deers

Episode 4 of our “Andiamo Japan”. Fifth day of the travel with my family through Japan, we made a day trip to Nara. It was on their wish list so it needed to be done. More important than the visits, they were excited about the idea of a city with deers camping freely, so that’s what I gave them. We spent most of our day in Nara park, visited the Todaiji and walked a bit around the area, when the excitement finished then the exhaustion of walking over 10km everyday hit the group.

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  1. Jakob

    Todaiji Temple, is absolutely stunning when you first see it. Just the giant 1000 year old wood gate, at the entrance had me stunned. Then you see the huuuge building in the distance, and it gets bigger and bigger the closer your get. Very nice videos hope you had a good time with family and friends. 😀

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