My Miracle Trip To Japan

“Don’t give up on love.”


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22 Replies to “My Miracle Trip To Japan”

  1. Diana B.

    What a movie tale love story, I like that this kind of things sometimes actually happen in real life 🙂 Congratulations on how things turned out! 🎄❤

  2. Putra Manalu

    sorry but i'm crying when she said " don't give up when finding your true love"

    P.S. Pat, i think we're probably twins :")

  3. Esther

    Inspirational content. It kinda makes me sad because I don't want to find true love too late, but I'd also rather have it late than never. Good luck to everybody out there. 🙂

  4. Isabel Portacio

    Omg same, I was heartbroken because I found out my ex was cheating so I moved to Japan, and a month later after the breakup, I met my fiance!! We’re gonna be celebrating our 1st anniversary on sept 14!! ❤️

  5. Henri Lai

    Well, I have a similar experience in Japan, fell in love but you know, that person now has a different lover. Boo-hoo to me…

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