The TRUE Cost of an ACTUAL Japan Holiday: How Expensive Was it!?

During our last trip to Japan, I made a list of EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION we made whilst travelling. I made a massive spreadsheet and now share where our costs went, from accommodation to food, sightseeing and transport, and show you how to save and travel on a budget, to where best to spend your money to get the most from your trip. How expensive is Japan really? It’s all here!

*HOTELS we stayed at:

– Tokyo:

– Kyoto:

– Gero:

– Takayama:

– Okuhida:

– Mount Fuji:

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31 Replies to “The TRUE Cost of an ACTUAL Japan Holiday: How Expensive Was it!?”

  1. Hassan Shah

    Guys i love your channel and would like to support it; can you add the Join option that many youtubers have besides the subscription option.

  2. elektrys

    My wife and I always enjoy your videos! Thanks for the detailed travel costs. We went to Japan last year. Total costs for 11 days came up to 2800 eur. So, I would say that it is quite similar. Best wishes to both of you!

  3. Gogo Tomo

    Long time viewer, first time commenter. Great job Suitcase Monkey! By far one of the best guides to Japan travel and budget planning!! Keep the good work going

  4. Safwan Shanaya's family Vlog

    Beautiful vlog with very details information ❤️❤️ so in japan for 7yrs now and gifu is one of my fab place ❤️❤️already i am in love with japan and your videos ❤️

  5. Jeremy Brahm

    Used Agoda for reservations last year. Saved almost $1,300 in hotel rooms in 6 months. Some even with 1 month of travel, while still staying at the same hotel and same room. Planning way in advance makes it easier to save money before going. Convenience stores, bakeries are great ways to reduce your food costs, for breakfast especially. If you are taking long trips on the bullet train, a rail pass of some sort is better as you will save money on any of the JR trains. Saved about 27,000 yen on a 2-week green car travel by buying the pass. Still also had Pasmo card for other trains and buses in towns.

  6. Beclu86

    Thanks for doing the hard work on costing everything out and still making the video fun to watch.

    Slightly off-topic, but you're a great speaker. You have the same kind of cadence as a news presenter, which makes the video easy to follow.

  7. Diedra Underwood

    I am one with too much time who paused and read the whole description! LOL Wonderful video. I can't wait until I can get back to Japan.

  8. perspectivelee

    thanks so much! my boyfriend and i are planning a japan trip (after corona dies down a bit hopefully) and this will be so handy! 😀

  9. Yolo Yearwood

    as someone who is only a solo traveler with a child, not applicable. also did you travel during COVID?!? how insane. not a great choice in the karma

  10. puzzler46

    Thank you for outlining all the costs, it is really helpful and yes I did pause and read the disclaimer (LOL) as I was curious. I really enjoy your videos and was happy to see this one posted after a long absence.

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