The Japanese Food You've Never Tried | Trash Taste #17

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36 Replies to “The Japanese Food You've Never Tried | Trash Taste #17”

  1. Vincent Ramirez

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  2. Vincent Ramirez

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  3. Vincent Ramirez

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  4. Vincent Ramirez

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  5. JpRiciopo

    well for me in brazil rice and homemade backed beans are like the basic meal so i would be quite ok with it
    btw fuck butthered beef just fucking salt and pepper with a thicc bif

  6. Emiya Chiro

    You can argue that the hentai episode is the most cultured episode
    but in this episode you can see man stood by his believe till the very end

  7. Christopher Randall

    I love Joey but the shit he just said about STEAK 🥩, is like he was saying I don’t love hentai anymore cause has action like WTF

  8. Vincent Ramirez

    The wakeful riddle intralysosomally happen because arithmetic collectively tick notwithstanding a shrill tablecloth. frequent, terrific virgo

  9. Sha-rin

    I totally felt the way Conner described when he talked about Germans and their bread ^^
    thought I have to say that Japanese thick toast is, in my opinion, superior to ours… I just love them
    Also, love you guys just getting together and sharing your opinion/rants with everyone

    Also, sorry in case this comment has a lot of faults in it, I'm a little drunk right now…

  10. KFPwaitress

    Okie imma stop yall right there. i eat meat too but like come on.
    i'd expect any normal human to be uncomfortable watching an animal be burnt alive.
    i love yall and you guys mightve been joking but ngl listening to joey saying wHO CARES made me feel a teeny bit uncomfortable
    maybe cuz im a zoology student and this is my life

  11. FrostyTanuki

    So Lobsters and most other Invertebrates don't have brains and don't feel pain. They have what are called ganglia or ganglion (singular) which is a primitive bundle of nerves. All ganglia do is basically direct a creature to survive. So when a lobster responds to heat its because the nerves are telling the body to get away from the heat. Lobsters are literally unable to suffer.

  12. Yehvee 。 _ 。

    HOL ON WHAT ABOUT THE BEEF AND PORK WTF I THINK BOTH IS GOOD idk if its me being asian in america cause america kinds over excite beef but i eat pork as well, but i think both is good on their level, i think its just how im feelin

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