LIVE Fish Sashimi [ Ikizukuri ] | Weird Japanese Food – Eating LIVE Sashimi

Ikizukuri, lit. “prepared alive”, is the preparation of sashimi made from live seafood. Fish is usually used, but sometimes octopus, shrimp and lobster are used instead. The practice is controversial, and ikizukuri is outlawed in Australia and Germany.

Sashimi, the famous Japanese dish, describes raw seafood, usually fish, which is sliced into bite-sized bits. Eaten raw with soy sauce and wasabi, sashimi is always made out of the freshest of seafood of which Japan, surrounded by oceans, has an abundance. This is the reason why sashimi came to be in the first place.

The history of sashimi is somewhat shrouded in mysteries offering many theories on its origins. One says that it dates back to a dish of sliced raw fish and vegetables seasoned with vinegar called “namasu” that was eaten at the Japanese court during the Heian period. Another theory traces the roots of sashimi to the sliced fish that fishermen sold during the Kamakura period as a kind of fast food. While the delicacy was only available in coastal regions due to the lack of refrigeration methods, it can – and is – enjoyed everywhere in Japan today, both in restaurants and homes.

Next to the most representative sashimi fish, tuna, a large variety of seafood is used for making sashimi in Japan. Often used fish includes sea bream, flounder, and salmon. However, shrimp and squid, as well as different kinds of shellfish, also make for excellent sashimi. In general, more seafood sashimi is available than raw river fish like trout and carp.

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  1. Chandan Sharma

    Someone’s pain is somebody’s food. But it’s too inhumane to behave like this and enjoy. It’s a sin. Just kill and eat. Don’t make fun of any animal who is treated like this. Disgusting

  2. Cipto Gunawan

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  3. Carina Taira

    Yesterday I went to a restaurant that had this type of plate, I didn’t know that was this, my boyfriend ordered and thank you for the worst experience in my life! 🤠 I felt just like Hitler

  4. Zoe Melendrez

    I honestly dgaf if it’s your culture it’s fucked whether they feel lt or not you’re obviously very disturbed you’re tapping the fish to see if it’ll move because it amuses you that it’s half alive or looks alive but yet also partly gutted y’all are weird .

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