Japan Travel Update: 2020 Ends Shutdown Again

Situation in Japan:
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⚫︎ Walking an Empty Narita Airport:

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20 Replies to “Japan Travel Update: 2020 Ends Shutdown Again”


    Thank you for the update. I had to cancel my bucket list trip to Japan for April of 2020 and obviously can’t reschedule for 2021. I will keep posted to your updates to hopefully stay in the loop to rebook for 2022. ✈️🇯🇵

  2. Damion Harper

    At least there are more freedom in Japan. Also dumb fucks only look at cases not deaths. Most of the fatalities are from people who have many pre-existing conditions. How many are dying of no jobs, alcoholism, substance abuse and not getting the proper medical treatment. It would be nice to have it laid out how many are old and have pre-existing medical conditions. How many children are dying? Children are our future and why doesn't anyone talk about them. What are the groups who are dying. Also the word worry is the most Disempowering Word. Negative conditioning within our words. NLP use it wisely. Its nice to see the Japanese take control of their freedoms. Time to steer this channel towards less FEAR and more positivity. Also Japan's GDP being over 200%. Japan seems to be doing well and there is much less fear mongering over in Japan. Japan will take on China! The samurai doesn't die in Japan. We can no longer bow down to the Chinese!

  3. Niklas

    Hello, John

    Whatever happens, you have secured your place in any heavens or atheist hearts. My personal heart is…broken, as I watched this on New Year's Eve(more than slightly drunk) and left Japan at the end of March, amid empty airports, with no job opportunities waiting for me back home in Sweden. But…

    …you, and all those who support you(work-wise or personally), are appreciated for the work you do. The reason my heart acted on its tearful instincts as I watched this is because you are giving us everything you can. I still can't watch the everyones' videos of "Empty Kyoto"(where I lived), but I keep hoping.

    I'm never gonna finish this comment the way I want to, but I keep hoping for the time I can once again sit down at おでん すずな in Kyoto, with that perfectly boiled egg, and feel like I'm f***ing home.

    You should act according to your own compass: it is beyond solid, from what I've seen. Honestly, you are on my list of, "People I want to have a beer with."

    Warm regards,

  4. Zante

    We have pretty much given up, and are planning our next trip for christmas 2021. The in-laws will have to wait to see the little goblin.

  5. Takahara Tanaka

    So what? The virus can't be stopped.
    Take reasonable precautions, live your life, it will be okay.
    Lockdowns don't work.
    They just delay the next spike for some weeks.

    Work, produce, go on with your life!

  6. Dave Adventures

    Very informative video thank you John!.

    My only concern is that I booked a flight to Tokyo for September 2021. I’m hoping that this bad situation change for good! .

  7. Alan Byrnes

    John can you do another Robot video!! 🤖🤖 there are still Americans who think jobs will be gone because of them but it’s not all them!! It’s this Virus and other things!!…I do see people from some other countries but it’s still Americans more!!…

  8. Tom Bennett

    Scheduled to start working in Kanto late March. Still haven't gotten my visa, and am wondering if I will still end up going. What do you think are the odds I'll actually make it to Japan this Spring?

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