Is Japanese Vegan Food Actually Good?

Vegan food in Japan can be harder to find than you’d think.


►Motsuji Temple(毛越寺)

► Hiraizumi Rest House (Vegan Cuisine)

► Gold Reta Hiraizumi (ゴールドレンタ平泉)

► Takkoku no Iwaya (達谷窟)

38 Replies to “Is Japanese Vegan Food Actually Good?”

  1. Abroad in Japan

    I'm surprised nobody has made a series yet driving from Hokkaido to Kyushu on a Go Kart. Perhaps I can be the first and then write a book about it.

  2. kennytheamazing

    I appreciate this video. Thinking about a trip around japan, and not wanting to break my vegan habits, this is a lot of inspiration, thank you.

  3. Chronic Doll

    Regan the vegan! lol.

    Can I compliment you on your subtitling, including subtitling when you mishear Ryotaro? It's really entertaining. Subtitles are often missing or rubbish, but I often need them, so I really appreciate this.

  4. Moscoviya2009

    Veganism is very foreign to Japanese culture so that is why it is extremely difficult to be vegan in Japan. However, it is very possible to be a Japanese-style vegetarian because, until the 19th century, Japanese Buddhism officially forbade eating animal meat. Fish and seafood were not considered meat. In Japan, fish and seafood are inextricably connected to Japanese cuisine and Japanese culture. So, in Japan, it is definitely possible to be Japanese-style vegetarian which includes fish and seafood. In other words, being a pescetarian (sometimes called pesco-vegetarians).

  5. Sadia Uddin

    Hey Chris, I know Japan has a lot of things based around delicious meat dishes, and I really like meat and fish in general, so that's great.
    But can I ask about any good halal restaurants or places in Japan? Are they any??

  6. Ross

    Chris with your short hairstyle you look very refresh, like a boy 😆 I bet all the Japanese girls love you now. Have you got a job in a cafe yet? 😂

  7. Seth

    Koji jin(Japanese mold used In miso, sake and soy sauce) makes alot of food taste good, meat and vegetables alike. You should look it up!

  8. Claire Youmans

    Ryotaro! I have asked for "kombu dashi" over and over through many years and never managed it! I usually get tempura with salt. I guess that's a usual sort of thing. (And my Japanese is pretty good.)

  9. mikoku921

    I know the video's a bit old but still, a meat-lover made a video-segment about vegan food without insulting or dismissing vegans. It's quite rare in this day and age. Thank you!



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