SARUSHOW Ep. 28 – Japan Special 2019 #japantravel #videogames

Let’s go on a virtual tour to Osaka yet again!! This is a collection of travel vlogs from our trip to Japan in 2019. We also meet up with Corbin in Japan who’s also got a Youtube channel here:

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4 Replies to “SARUSHOW Ep. 28 – Japan Special 2019 #japantravel #videogames”

  1. Bean Soup

    It felt like I traveled with you guys during that video! Thanks for sharing that experience saru crew! 💪 Can't wait to return to the rising sun. Any chance you guys could show us your pick ups from that trip please! Thanks and stay safe guys!

  2. Miami Sunrise

    I have never been to Japan but I have to say as someone who really wants to go, you are doing many of us a great service by uploading a video like this. Aside from being super hungry from watching these Japan trip videos (lol), there are a lot of info dropped about things you should do to be prepared, such as locations for currency exchange, trains and communication devices. That is incredibly helpful. I certainly hope you guys have the chance to go back soon, there is lots to like here. Thanks Sau/Jesse/Gabriel!

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