Kingdom Hearts Cafe in Tokyo, Japan | Food & Merchandise VLOG

Come check out the Kingdom Hearts pop-up cafe with me in Tokyo, Japan! The cafe is open for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka. See what food and merchandise are available!

🗓 Shibuya Box (Shibuya, Tokyo) & Umeda Box (Osaka): December 11 through January 11, 2021
🗓 Artina (Shinjuku) & Square Enix Cafe (Akihabara, Tokyo & Osaka, Umeda): January 16 through March 12, 2021

❤️ Kingdom Hearts Cafe:
📘 Tokyo Disney Travel Guide:


00:00 Kingdom Hearts Cafe
01:32 Food Menu
04:13 Souvenir Coasters
05:21 Trying Kingdom Hearts Food
11:27 Kingdom Hearts Merchandise
12:44 What did I buy?


🌏 About TDR Explorer 🌏

Chris is the main guy behind TDR Explorer which focuses on trip planning for the Disney Parks in Asia. Which includes Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland! He ensures you have the best and most up-to-date information for your trip to English. He’ll sometimes venture to other Theme Parks in Asia too, just to spice it up a little.

47 Replies to “Kingdom Hearts Cafe in Tokyo, Japan | Food & Merchandise VLOG”

  1. Aidin Softić

    So upset that I'm poor & never have money when this stuff happens. Better believe I'm remembering this for 2022 & KH4 [or w/e title].

    Also YuYu Hakusho could have some for their 30 year anniversary the same year.

  2. Sora U

    I have never heard of kingdom hearts but the amount of ppl that mentioned it bc pf my name is hilarious. My name is Sora and i just love how it brings a smile on everyone’s face. I don’t mind the connection, as long as they’re smiling. Sora!

  3. ilikethingsfromjapan

    Chris that shirt you’re wearing is so 🔥 I’m obsessed! where/when did you get it. Absolute grail fashion haha love it x

  4. Ilicia Rodriguez

    Everything is beautiful! I’m crying because it’s all so wonderful and I’ll never be able to experience it 😭

  5. Alina Maris

    Also; the charcoal black things in Japan always made me nervous (unless it was squid ink) because charcoal can reduce the effects of any medication youre on (like bc pills- careful ladies!).

  6. Alina Maris

    Genuine laugh at “I don’t think you’re supposed to eat this by itself” hahahha. Thank you for covering these cool pop-ups! There are so many adorably themed cafes and restaurants in Japan and I would love to see even non-Disney/IP ones too! If you’re ever back in Osaka, the cat cafe Save Cat Cafe is all rescued cats from the streets who are adoptable, and the food is cat-themed and its smol but very sweet! Maybe a vlog about a few places in Osaka would suit a clip of that!

  7. Raulin Hentchel


    Reminds me when I got to go to the Gundam cafe back in 2011. Was a neat and fun experience but not very filling and suuuper expensive haha. Still, looks like ya'll had a good time!

  8. Cuatalata

    Sora! My guilty pleasure when in Japan is to go to at least 1 themed cafe of a show or game I really love. They are expensive and the first time it is SO confusing! But the memories are worth it for me

  9. Mike Haupeltshofer

    King Mickey – Just joking. Sora of course. I love this themed Cafes. But most of the time the Food just looks good XD

  10. Setsuna Locke

    That's so cool.

    I realize this is a bit of a stretch to request (especially if you're not a fan of the series) but would you be willing to go to one of these places for the Gintama events?

    They'll be doing a special collaboration with Gintama between this month and next, and I'd love to see someone explore these places to show what it's like for the fans who can't be there. (T w T)

    And tbh there aren't very many who record and upload special cafe/eatery events for Gintama, as far as I know.

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