Japanese Street Foods of MAKISHI Market Okinawa Japan

Today we’re in Okinawa Japan to taste some street food and the some of the freshest seafood you can get! The Makishi Public Market is a must-see place with so much activity going on all day long! If you’re a foodie, you’ll be in food heaven!

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44 Replies to “Japanese Street Foods of MAKISHI Market Okinawa Japan”

  1. Rick Kinman

    I remember Makishi Market from my childhood. All those pickles in barrels sure brings back memories. I'm going to Okinawa this year so I'm so excited about all the flavors that I remember 🍱🍘🍥🍚🍵

  2. Patrick Thambiah

    Satoshi looked super happy after that first swig of beer! Haha. Loved the pickle store. Definitely will check it out when I'm up there..

  3. Mestiza Tagalog eatery vlogs

    He should have given you a small cup or plastic bowl to try the pickled items instead of putting it in your hands.

  4. bcgrote

    2 things I remember from the 80's when I was stationed on Okinawa. They had these oranges, or tangerines, but the skin was bright green. The sweetest and best tasting citrus I've had – and I live in California!
    Also, after we went clubbing and dancing like fools, we would go to a shop that was open late and had karaage. Oh, so yummy! The food was definitely one of the best things about being there. It was a beautiful place, and the citizens were wonderful too.

  5. LimingLyn

    I'm always looking at the videos during my lunch hour:(. Then I look at my sandwich and want to cry, cry… I can taste those seafood dishes. Ahhhh, the fish is amazingly nice, I will definitely be in food heaven when I go to Okinawa. In fact, will be in food heaven when I go in December to January.

  6. Anne Statland

    Love your video — we've done this and I wish we were there now for another pass through the market.  Really would love to try the squid and can't get enough of the shimarakkyo!!  Nice job!

  7. Chian Fuentes

    That pickle vendor was awesome and everything looked amazing!
    I also love how you can pick your own seafood and they cook it for you, love it! The fish looked so delicious, I LOVED fried fish.
    Thanks for sharing this little gem. 💜

  8. Mary Kelly

    I'm a new subscriber, you popped up in recommended while I was watching Mark Wiens and I'm glad you did!! I love you guys already and have been binge watching lol

    Hi from Seattle 💜

  9. Mindy's Mom

    Oh my gosh!! Everything that you boys ate looked absolutely amazing! Especially, the shimarakkyo……rakkyo is one of my all time favorite types of tsukemono. You definitely called it right brother! The ika tsukudani would definitely be great over a hot bowl of gohan! And that fried fish, and the soup! I’m hungry!! 😋 Great video!!

  10. Mitiyuki Kt


  11. Matt Brine

    One thing that sucks is that I'm allergic to seafood. I can eat fish, but not crab, shrimp or lobster because it causes a lot of airway discomfort.

  12. Rosita Chua

    Finally, I've got to see your much awaited Okinawa video clip. Really enjoyed this video including all the food tasting you had there. Those pickled shallots must be very good. You forgot to mention which did you like best? That fried fish look so good and yummy, so crispy and crunchy. How long were you in Okinawa, may I ask?

  13. Yoshiko Yeto

    I loved the tour of Makishi Market! I learned so much from this video. I think I'd go crazy at the tsukemono shop, and their T-shirts are cool too. Great tip about getting the restaurants to cook the seafood from the market. Thanks for the videos of Okinawa!

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