Japan trip 2007 (on VHS)

Back in 2007, before I moved to Japan, I worked for a car magazine in Australia that also made DVDs. This is an edit of a trip I made to Japan that never made it to a published DVD. The idea was to buy a car and drift it at a few different tracks and also visit workshops. It was originally meant to have voiceovers and music, but since I’m missing a few tapes-worth of footage, because I left the company almost immediately after this trip and never had a chance to make the final video, I thought I’d just edit up what I had and put it up here for posterity. You can see the other footage from Ebisu Circuit on this video:

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34 Replies to “Japan trip 2007 (on VHS)”

  1. Hyper Verda

    Alexi, My hot4s best friend from my childhood, Toyota Celica HairDressers car!

    You are slowly making me smile that you're going through old footage, Love it man!

    Thanks for uploading, I was the one emailing you 😉

  2. Calvin Liem

    hey alexi, just started to binge watch your vids and boy you are a diamond in YouTube.. hope you could bring back Noriyaro Raw Drift man.. keep up the great content!!

  3. dave kerr

    Great video, proper edge of seat stuff watching the guys hanging it wide around the final corner so close to the pit wall!!!

  4. waffuhz

    Why was the S12 not as popular as the AE86 when they're such similar cars? Considering they were using them before Initial D, right?

  5. Patrick Belson

    Its really funny to hear alexi's voice from these days. He actually kind of has a hybrid Aus/Japanese accent now, in this video its nearly bogan lol

  6. Jeremy Lin

    Alexi just wondering when you started to learn to speak/read Japanese, you don’t seem to speak much in this video. Also, we need a draw my life for Alexi although that might give away too much personal information.

  7. Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses

    Do angle kits exist at this time? "idk what's that called but you install a thing to make the angle of your wheels wider". I'm no car guy but i like to watch motorsports and notice their wheel angles doesn't go 90 deg or more

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