24 Replies to “Japanese Food at Shibuya Miyashita Park”

  1. KuyA mArK

    U know that park at food haul ,,that we should want to eat but no vacant seats because there are group of people every day i dont know exactly but there something business in that group so every day they occupied that place and that's unfair to those want to eat,,that group buy foods on mcdonald ones but all day that group stay there 11 to 10pm,,that food haul is for the people want to rest and eats,,but the group off people there used for there bussiness thats unfair

  2. etherdog

    It is interesting to see that on the ground floor the up escalator was on the right, but from the second floor, the up escalator was on the left. It seems odd that they aren't standardized. Perhaps the contractor for the first floor was from Osaka and the second floor was from Kanto?

  3. Severone

    I personally highly prefer Shibuya over Shinjuku. Might has to do with the fact all of my friends live around Shibuya and I always get lost whenever I have to head to Shinjuku, But all the nights late out drinking, walking, spending time or going to an izakaya were spend around Shibuya. I never get the same, relaxed vibe when I'm walking around Shinjuku but that might be because I've never given it a chance due to getting lost at the first.5 minutes of arriving. I personally love the walk from Harajuku to Shibuya through Yoyogi Park and the surrounding area.

    I am also very curious to check out Miyashita Park and the surrounding food 'stalls'. It looks super nice! Weird how it's only been there for such a short time. Mostly I always found it hard to find nice places outside to sit and eat during the warmer weather (I have a 'favourite' spot in Shimokita for it), but this looks really nice as well for the soft autumn days to enjoy some lovely food!

  4. Tanja Hermann

    You gotta stop touching the outside of your mask because that's where the virus would sit if you had been around an infectious person while wearing the mask. "Eggslut" LOL

  5. KawaiiObaachanX3

    Shin Chan & Satoshi Just can’t wait for the Pandemic to go away so I can visit Japan ..Domo Arigato for bringing Japan to us thru all of ur wonderful videos ❤️❤️❤️

  6. foomp

    That crowd at the crossing, though slightly smaller than prior to the pandemic, reminds me of why I don't like going there lol. Nice to see that the side areas are much more clear though.

  7. Matt Kyle

    wonderful urban living, shops and food close to apts and condos. Yes I miss Tower Records, Amazon mostly at fault for ruining that. Thanks for the showing us this, the food looked really good, Panda Express is all over California and Las Vegas so it's a bit over like starbucks, McDonalds and ChickfilA. I would like to see more Pastry shops, like fluffy cheesecake and desserts. I think Japan has beat the French at their own game of desserts.

  8. Anastasia Ivanova

    When I first started living in Japan, I liked to go to Shibuya all the time, but the longer I lived there, the less I went to Shibuya. Maybe I enjoyed going there because I was young, or because it felt familiar since it was one of the first places I visited and stayed around in Japan. But later on I was able to start exploring a lot of other places. Looking forward to see the new Shibuya and Miyashita park when I can go back to Japan! Great video, thank you!

  9. mimii3000

    Hope to check this place out someday! I'm glad you guys decided to check out the yokocho! I do love Shibuya! What kind of camera are you using in this video?

  10. MATOKA

    it's only been a bit over a year since i moved back to the states from tokyo, and there's already so many new places in shibuya to check out. it's crazy how fast they build these new buildings and how quickly everything changes in tokyo. I def have to check it out next time i'm back!

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