Japanese New Year's Food (Osechi 2021) – Eric Meal Time #521

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The Japanese celebrate the New Year Day with traditional New Year’s foods called Osechi Ryori (おせち料理). It’s considered the most important meal of the year as each dish serves as well-wishes for the coming year. So, what is Osechi Ryori? Similar to bento boxes, Osechi Ryori is stacked in 2-3 layers (4 for me!) of lacquer boxes (jubako) & there’s many dishes in each layer. The multi-tiered boxes symbolize the hope that happiness & wealth come continuously, like the layers of lacquerware.
Today’s Special New Year’s Menu:
00:00 Intro (Timecode by Celestial Lites)
00:15 Keio Department Store Picking Up Food
01:06 Spiffed Up (Kimono)
02:08 New Year’s Spiced Sake
02:50 Eric 3 choices, which sized sake bowl should he choose?
03:50 Gold Leaf Sake
04:55 Sashimi Platter (six kinds)
08:30 Traditional Ozoni Soup with Mochi
10:40 Osechi Main Event
12:20 Box #1 of 4
13:00 Salmon, Snail, Octopus
14:44 Smoked Mussel, Lobster
15:30 Calpis Water
16:10 Sea Bream & Herring Roe
16:45 Fu – Wheat Grain mystery food
17:25 Black Beans
17:45 Daikon Radish & Salmon Roe
18:10 Sweet Chestnut
18:20 How to get good with Chopsticks
19:20 Box #2 of 4
19:30 Kohaku Fish Cake, Sponge Cake Egg, Candied Walnuts
20:15 Cooked Scallop, Kombu, Kumquat
21:10 Squid, Duck Meat, Prawn
22:26 Burdock Root, Carrot, Sesame Seed Sweet Potato
23:30 Intermission – Buy Merch or not
24:00 Origami Paper Folding
25:31 Box #3 of 4
25:38 Fishcake/egg combo, sweet potato, grape flavored plum, mochi
27:12 Herring roe/kombu/edamame, TEXTURE, Fu, cod cube
29:10 Fancied up anchovies, yellowtail, fuki, konyaku, daikon radish, shitake mushroom, carrot, lotus root, burdock root, bamboo shoot
32:05 Japanese banana from Okinawa
32:30 Show Time
33:35 Box #4 of 4
33:55 Bacon cheese dogs, chicken fish cakes, shrimp dango, apricot, roast pork
36:25 Crab/pumkin fish cake, chicken with cheese fondue, sea plant salad
37:18 Scallops fish cake, meat fish cake, crab claw
39:05 Octopus salad, cheese chicken
39:45 More Cowpis, Mooooooo….
40:03 Rice cake sweets: Bird, Turtle, Year of the Cow, Cherries
43:10 Hot Green Tea
Happy New Year Fine People Who Watch My Videos. I Love U~!
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24 Replies to “Japanese New Year's Food (Osechi 2021) – Eric Meal Time #521”

  1. Greg Small Jr

    Great Video ERIC !! Happy New Year Brother… food looked so good. Here is a question i've always wondered. When people hold there hot tea why do they put the bottom of the cup flat on there hand, holding it with two hands. It looks more graceful that way, I've was just curious. Thanks #teamgetsome

  2. たつや

    明けましておめでとうございます。初めてコメントします 毎回色々な企画で楽しませてくれてありがとう
    特にこのJapanese New Year's Food が好きです チャンスが有ったら京都の色々な食べ物も紹介して欲しいです

  3. Tony Watson

    One of my favorite videos of the entire year, not because it's the final video. it just felt nice and personal and I liked that.

  4. evicencio31863

    There's a different wearing in Tokyo 🗼:my Summer Yukata every Summer and I didn't wear Kimono 👘 New Year, but it's costs expensive? Give me "Get some, please?" You can contact at twitter: @Kawauso318. Arigato.

  5. cole mccubbin

    happy new year eric i love you the food and i love your videos keep up the good job and stay being funny and i hope you have a good year and many more good years

  6. Julie Zais

    I always look forward to the New Year's boxes. So many delightful looking items and beautifully packaged. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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