Basic Japanese Language Lesson#1 【Japanese Verbs:起きる(get up)、食べる(eat)、飲む(drink)】

This movie is about basic Japanese verbs: 起きる(おきる)、食べる(たべる)、飲む(のむ).
These verbs in Japanese language is basic, whose level is JLPT N5. If you watch and repeat after me many times, you would understand these verbs and particles which are used along with these verbs. And, there are many words which is written in Kanji(Chinese characters), so you could remember Kanji.

1.起きる(おきる):get up⇒起きます/起きません★~時「に」起きます。
2. 食べる(たべる) eat ⇒食べます/食べません★~「を」食べます★~「で」食べます
3. 飲む(のむ)drink⇒飲みます/飲みません★~「を」飲みます★~「で」飲みます

【Basic Japanese Verbs】 基本的な日本語動詞、기본 일본어 동사(일어날 / 먹고 / 마시고)
【Subtitle】 English(Romaji), 日本語字幕、한국어 자막
【Level】 beginner, basic, easy
【Playlist:Basic Japanese Language Lesson】

20 Replies to “Basic Japanese Language Lesson#1 【Japanese Verbs:起きる(get up)、食べる(eat)、飲む(drink)】”

  1. Tanay kaynay

    Apparently it can sometimes be rude to say “no” directly, so when saying “no I don’t” would that still be considered rude or not?😅

  2. jash basu

    Hey! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Rocelangue Method (just google it), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you thought about this how to speak foreign language tutorial called Rocelangue Method? I have heard some extraordinary things about it.

  3. Languges lover عاشق اللغات

    ありがとうございます。it's really a very wonderful way not just to learn VERBS , but also to practise them by making sentences and questions ……!!! #すごい

  4. PlantManUli

    This is AMAZING .. thank you so much for the video. I have not been able to find anything like this to help me with verbs 🙂

  5. Gabriela Acosta Franzolini

    こんにちは! 質問が有ります。
    In a sentence like "姉はストローでシュースを飲みます。", would で be used like "with"?
    I've just found your videos, they're very helpful! 😀

  6. Türkan Tezcan

    I like your "verb" lessons, too. Example sentences make it much easier to learn.
    Great job! おつかれさまでした。ありがとうございます。

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