Pokemon Go Catching Ditto from Incense! Pokemon GO Ditto Find & Snorlax Catch! Japan Trip Recap!
Pokemon GO How to find ditto & Best Pokemon Catches!
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50 Replies to “DITTO + SNORLAX CATCHES! & SO MANY LAPRAS! Pokemon GO Japan Trip Recap!”

  1. Roxana Beaudry

    Does anybody play the game without hacking and getting them naturally remind the only one out here there's gotten everything but one evolve without using any hack

  2. Didier Drogba

    personally i like the videos he posts coz he talks alot and since english isnt my main language, i learn alot listening to this dude hahaha Keep it up bro!

  3. Leesa

    LOVED watching all your guys videos in Japan!! What an amazing trip!! Can't wait to see how you change your videos with your new camera… Hope you get better soon.. Such a drag to get sick on a trip, or coming home from one.. I got sick before we went to Portugal.. Cheers… Leesa

  4. Ambroise Lemorin

    I like that new angles your trying if the camera it's does remind me of trainer tips but you should keep it going for future videos

  5. ZenTeT

    i cant seem to catch ditto been farming magic carp and piggies for the last few days got like 800 candies of both and not a single ditto 😐

  6. Michael Helmeset

    Was hoping for some help. My son watches your channel and plays Pokémon go on my phone. For Christmas I'm getting him an iPad mini so I can get my phone back. How do I, without remembering passwords, sorry I forgot them, get his progress from my phone to the iPad mini?



  8. Marko Burić

    guys I have a question, could someone answer it? Why is there a blue background behinde some pokemons in the pokemon go storage? Did someone noticed this??? Like i have 30 pidgeys and the blue background is behind 23 of tham

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