Jimin speak in Japanese language

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50 Replies to “Jimin speak in Japanese language”

  1. V.v. Lakshmirao

    What?? His voice is already 10 times deeper and still sounds better than mine.. life is literally unfair.. like I am completely opposite of them.. dont believe it.. examples
    1) they are still cute and handsome in weird poses while I try to do a cute pose and looks like a deadly alive zombie
    2) their voice is so soothing and refreshing even when its deep.. while mine always sounds like if ur scratching a paper..
    3) they can draw really big portraits while I cant even draw a straight line..

    Ahh there are lots more.. its relatable only for armys man.. life is unfair 😑😑

  2. Theodora

    Ohayou gozaimasu, egao ga miryoku-tekina Jimin desu.” (Good morning, I am Jimin whose smile is attractive)


  3. avii land

    I appreciate that he kept his voice deeper when he speaks in Japanese, just think about it, how could we not be obsession with this cute af voice speaking in Japanese, I just can't even

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