What Camping in Japan is Like (Eating Lots of Food)

My Japanese brother-in-law and his high school friends decided to go camping and invited us along. This is our trip to darumayamakogen camping ground, where made food as if we were inside our homes.

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24 Replies to “What Camping in Japan is Like (Eating Lots of Food)”

  1. Frank Burns

    Camping where I'm from consist of a swag, a fire and a gas burner to cook up some snags. And, depending on who you are, getting on the piss

  2. Noah R.

    I remember camping in America while it was still cold outside. I swam in freezing water and then slept under a tarp. It started to rain and the tarp collapsed soaking me and the other guy

  3. Nicolas Rosse

    When you say cold, was it like extremely cold or not, what would be the average temperature during your stay in this camping place ? What was this area ?
    I am only curious, i am dreaming of going to Japan for holidays for my 40th birthday or maybe later depending on the situation, of course.
    For sure right now, I am far from being read 🙂
    @all stay safe, wear masks 😉

  4. Alexadra Petersen

    Me: a Canadian who lives In Canada and has no need to do any more Canadian things Me also: yes I want to visit Canada land 😎

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