Q&A Bonus Episode! Japan & Trip Planning FAQ

The final episode of the Japan Q&A, answering your questions about Japan. If we haven’t answered your question yet, it might be in this video! Questions include:
– Unique dining experiences in Tokyo.
– Things we don’t like about Japan.
– Top items from the convenience store for vegetarians.
– Which YouTubers do I want to collab with?
– Are there any tourist traps?
– Recommendations for places to stay in Tokyo.
– What’s your favourite gachapon?

Thanks so much for all your questions. I hope you enjoyed the Q&A and I hope it was useful for planning your trip!

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27 Replies to “Q&A Bonus Episode! Japan & Trip Planning FAQ”

  1. Relaxing Menatlity

    i pick osaka as my holiday location on my 1st time visiting japan…because i do some research that Osaka is more cheaper then tokyo and Osaka ppl are more friendly..i think if got budget for japan holiday and is 1st time…maybe can think for osaka..

  2. largesmallworld

    Been to jp numerous times but I still get alot out of your Q&A videos. Your both so easy to listen to.

    Maid cafes are a bit cheesy but if there are those who want the maid cafe experience without the silly pantomimes I recommend Cafe;Mailish featured in the anime Steins;Gate. It's like a normal cafe but the staff are dressed as maids.

  3. Brian notBryan

    Great Q&A video again guys! Hope you had a good Christmas. The only tourist trap that came to me was the Kill Bill restaurant.🔪 I have heard it it quite expensive for mediocre food, though I would still want to see it.😄

  4. Rob Go

    being an east asian but non-japanese who looks very japanese its abit of a double edged sword, my Japanese is very good and can easily pass for Japanese but I dont have that gaijin card as with the example you said about tattoos obviously being a foreigner. If I have trouble in any way I have to explain that I'm not from there, whereas for you guys its more obvious.

  5. Grace Mia

    Monakuma Gacha! :O

    I couldn’t find much Danganronpa things at all when I went!
    Thanks for keeping these going, makes me reflect on my own trip and get excited for future ones.

  6. Trevor

    When do you think Japan will open up for tourism again? I had a trip planned for November and I was crushed when I card to cancel.

  7. eryri

    I find Tsukiji to be a bit of a tourist trap so I haven't enjoyed my time there at all and I'd imagine the Samurai Museum in Shinjuku to be the same which is why I have avoided going there so far.

  8. White Wolf

    Have you considered doing another guide but one for if your spending time in Epcot Disney land Florida and Disney land Paris and Japan? As the guides for those are really boring and not always helpful.

  9. I'm All Abroad

    Tourist Trap the one and only Tokyo Skytree lol teamlabs borderless is a brilliant day and well worth it I think.. also I always stay Ueno and it's really more I think for older or quieter people or even families with young children with the Zoo and park.. BTW I'm intending to be a Japan YouTuber once the travel ban lifts so you can add me to the list hehe

  10. Ken Chapman

    "… neither of us have tattoos …" – while we can clearly see an anchor tattoo on Amy's left arm 😉 I'm guessing it is a temporary tattoo, it looks like it is.

    I agree though that most younger people in Tokyo don't care about tourists who have tattoos, and the only time it is an issue is if you want to visit an onsen/sento/hot springs/public bath as most don't allow people with tattoos to enter. Do a Google search to find ones that do.
    The only other places that may be a problem are temples/shrines. Rarely would you encounter a sign at a temple/shrine prohibiting those with tattoos but people suggest that as a sign of respect you cover tattoos if you visit such places. There are opinions on the internet that say you don't need to cover up tattoos at these places as well as others saying you should.

  11. Eric TW

    My personal experience and how I’ve seen my friends treated in Japan, if you are Asian and covered in lots of tattoos, don’t expect most people to be welcoming if you show them openly and expect to get many disapproving stares. But if you are not Asian and have many tattoos you will have far less issues. Depends on where you are of course and the style of tattoos you have, but most Japanese people still have a negative view of those with many tattoos. Just how it is.

  12. Charlotte Woolley

    To the question about being overweight, my partner has had many old lady's rub his belly in Japan! Both in rural Japan and Tokyo ._. quite an odd experience for him to say the least!

  13. Pratibha Maurya

    2nd Comment
    Yeah!!!! I'm so happy and Thanks for making this video, I'm big fan of yours, stay always happy and safe, lot's of love from India 💜💜❤❤❤

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