Japan trip part one: Osaka

I’ve recently returned from a lovely trip to Japan, and decided to record my experiences! I went to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo with my two cousins for two weeks. Here is part one, which is our time in Osaka, hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music heard in this video. Also, people with motion-sickness please be aware, I’m lethal with a camera.

2 Replies to “Japan trip part one: Osaka”

  1. Shayne HK

    No way, just discovered your British lol.
    I always assumed you were American, sorry.
    May I ask from which part you come from? You can probably tell where Im from lol

  2. MusicStuffSome

    Japan looks so good but I hear it's quite expensive so I wouldn't really be able to travel there for very long at a time :(. The dinosaurs looked wild !

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