Unboxing TINY REAL Convenience Store & Grocery Items (Food, Japan, Drinks, Manga Books!)

Watch THIS:

sorry to cut the video off randomly in the middle lol but this video was over an hour long & i felt like it would be more enjoyable to split it up in 2 parts?! i forgot how detailed these are and how long it takes to unbox each box!


0:00 intro!
3:08 unboxing box 1
7:52 unboxing box 2
12:13 unboxing box 3
15:49 unboxing box 4

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THEY’RE BACK!! in todays video we find even more of the tiniest, cutest, most realistic food miniatures EVER! after unboxing last years’ series 1 & series 1.5 mini brands have done it again with series 2! containing 70 all new real little grocery food items to collect! today we find some rare gold items, some metallic & even more!!

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If you read this whole description comment ‘MANGA’

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41 Replies to “Unboxing TINY REAL Convenience Store & Grocery Items (Food, Japan, Drinks, Manga Books!)”

  1. Tracy Zielke

    The half sandwiches are sold in the gas station type convenience stores all over the US or were. I used to see them at rest stops when I traveled.

  2. Cheyenne Darneal

    I love your style bunny! Your shirt is awesome 👌 I would love to fill a dollhouse with those tiny things (unboxed)!

  3. WifeMomTeacherLife

    I can’t stand the idea of milk with meals. I love milk, but only by itself, and occasionally with a cookie. My daughter, however, loves milk with meals! She’s 15 and I got her a happy meal yesterday with milk. 🤢 She usually drinks water, but when she wants to switch it up, she’ll drink milk. The funny thing is that when she was a baby and I was transitioning her from formula to milk, she hated milk. Now it’s her favorite!

  4. Sidney Wedge

    I can only do milk with certain foods. For example, I just had a toaster strudel with milk. And I HAVE to have two ice cubes in my milk. 🤷‍♀️ anyone else put ice in their milk?

  5. candysmiles11

    I love drinking milk with spaghetti I also love to drink milk with pizza and then I also drink milk with chocolate stuff like chocolate cake chocolate brownies chocolate cookies stuff like that

  6. Frolic&Cavort

    Your sandwich in its container reminds me of michigan hospital and gas station food…..sorry, not my favorite memories. Usually is best locked in container. Chuckle*

  7. thesorry girl

    Cereal is what we use milk for. But, I grew up on only canned milk (condensed milk) because my family was poor and we are lactose intolerant.

  8. jessica laughlin

    I love stuff like this! I follow this other channel too! Check it out sometime. HMS2 – ハムスターのミニチュア工房2

  9. norwAySMR

    06:40 Managed to correct "Manga" but still says "PINGUIN" :') Love the plastic crinkles from 07:00 <3
    19:02 Tofu or aloe vera with the coffee?! I'm guessing it's a sweetener derived from plants! Like stevia or whatever

  10. anne margaret Harris

    You should have a "Description notebook" where you write down the video you're doing and make bullet points under it saying what you need to put in the description!

  11. gemma nicole howard

    Every shop you go to in the UK sandwiches are packed the same way. Corner shops mostly in the clear plastic but supermarkets in cardboard 🙂🥪 xx

  12. Allison Carpenter

    It would be so cool to see all of the mini brand stores set up all together! Maybe clear off one of the doll shelves?

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