Japan By Air | Cinematic Japan Drone Travel Video (DJI Mavic Air)

Japan is a country blessed with beautiful nature ranging from crystal clear turquoise oceans to high mountain peaks and everything in between. Following along in this cinematic drone travel video as we explore Japan from North to South, West to East and most importantly: from Above.

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18 Replies to “Japan By Air | Cinematic Japan Drone Travel Video (DJI Mavic Air)”

  1. Up'n'Down-Traveling

    Beautiful vlog with great shots and fitting music👍👍👍. We're happy to
    give it a thumbs up! If you like, come and visit us sometime! Have a
    great evening and happy new year Up'n'Down-Traveling

  2. George M

    A nice quick reminder of what my cherished 日本 looks like with leaves on, snow off, to revisit occasionally for the next 2-3 months. Thanks Adam
    (oh, btw, I hope that that piano suffers a quick and devastating attack by an army of ubatamamushi… 😁)

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