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  1. CWhs0815 CWhs0815

    I have lived in Asia before and some Asian people are very prejudice. If they haven’t lived outside of their Country they are very narrow minded. I pray that this hospital will workout for you all and you have a safe delivery.

  2. S C

    Sisss, after having looked at the google reviews, it’s honestly a whole blessing in disguise!!! They don’t seem competent at all!!!

  3. The Headd Hunter

    I know it may not be ur way of things but I would suggest a midwife. Natural birth is painful but with the right dula ull be okay. Plus mommies know once u see the baby, we forget all the pain almost immediately. I'm so sorry this happened to u, the racism and discrimination is becoming more and more clear. I would go again and record it, SUE THEM!! They should learn the hard way not to be devilish.

  4. Jamaican empress

    Honestly I would want a doctors that speaks fluent English in order to deliver the baby safe. Things happen for a reason. I rather be safe than sorry.

  5. Tatyana Gordon

    Japan still has a caste system in place as well as the institutionalized racism against Black people. Its not just wrong, its unprofessional. They should hang their heads in shame.

  6. Caroline Rheaa

    You are a beautiful woman without all that makeup. The makeup looked good but it turned you into someone who looked completely different than yourself. I don't know if that was your goal but you have natural beauty under all that heavy makeup. Congrats on a healthy pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is difficult enough. You don't want to give birth in a hospital that has racist medical staff. I am glad you found a more welcoming place. It seems like to live in Japan as a black woman you have to make a lot of changes to accommodate their racism. Hopefully, your child won't have to go through a lot of discrimination, especially in school. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey. Congrats on being a new mom.

  7. Jen Essah

    omg please dont think being so out of breath is normal…its not it's a sign something is wrong and you could have a heart attack and die…please take it seriously if u want to have a safe birth…google nicole thea another youtuber who recently died from the same symptoms you described in childbirth

  8. misshulagirl05

    Even here in the United States, Black women have the highest infant mortality rate which is scary AF! If I ever have a second child, I want to have a home birth with a doula instead.

  9. Tantra Yukina

    Stop lying am black African I live in shinjuku I've two children both born in Japan and I had the best experience ever giving birth in Japan if you understand don't SYSTEM patronise LIER BLACK LETS LEARN RESPECT OURSELVES
    By the am married to Japanese too the doctors are very polite and kind

  10. Tikoya Floyd

    What you said about the schools is the exact same in the United States a black woman just went to jail for five years for sending her child to school in a different district

  11. Agatha T

    Because of a skin you didn’t choose to have ?I mean wtf is happening in this world literally??

    It’s very good they showed who they really are ,than for them to pretend they’re friendly and hurt you !! ..I pray you have a safe delivery ❤️👏🏼..

  12. Renaissance Payne

    Hello Baby…soooo….sorry you were turned away. YOU DON'T NEED NO MORE STRESS…I will certainly be Praying for you…Your Makeup is Fabulous. GOD BLESS YOU BELOVED…(CHURCH LADY IN CHIRAQ aka Chicago USA)🔊😥🙏🙏🙏😘

  13. Tammy Green

    Greetings from America 🇺🇸👶🏼🍼👑💖
    Happy to see the medical professionals there appearing to be making progress in racial diversity. Personally I think your good. Sometimes we as women become extra sensitive. Hormones,changes, along with the journey ahead can be stressful. I'm impressed with BOTH SIDES!🤗Be encouraged beautiful princess 💛👑 Relax, take care of one self and everything will reveal itself, while enjoying your progress in motherhood 💛 Keep up your energy because your beautiful favor from nature has found you worthy of such a experience. Sending LIGHT AND LOVE ALONG WITH THE POWER TO ENDURE 👑😇🇺🇸💛

  14. Annmarie busu

    You are looking cute, stay safe and take care of yourself. Make sure at your delivery you or your partner speak up for yourself.

  15. Miss Maww

    So sorry for they treated you that is just unacceptable it have lots of people traveling all over n because u don't understand does not give u the right to be inhumane

  16. Catchy Name

    Being out of breath just from talking is not a typical pregnancy symptom. Please let your Dr know and get checked and inquire about preeclampsia. I know that systematic racism plays a role in the care WOC receive during pregnancy in the States. Far too many WOC especially Black women lose their lives from lack of proper care from the health care system.
    It may be nothing at all but better to be safe.
    Blessings 💚

  17. Manuela Augustine

    I am glad things worked out. You do not need this stress in your condition. You looked really pretty and blooming. I can't believe how much your hair has grown!

  18. Manuela Augustine

    What's even happened to get an interpreter? What a feeble excuse about the hospital not wanting to treat you and deliver your baby. Disgusting . You should report the matter to your councillor or local MP equivalent. That's ridiculous – think about the distance and the safety of your baby and demand they see you.

  19. ladydede88

    It’s the same in the US with the public schools if you live in a city over not matter the distance your child goes to the school in that city and in some they have multiple schools but depending on what part of the city you live in your child will go to that school. We live across from a school but that’s not the school my daughter would go to because we’re a street over from where the people that would go their go

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