What Japanese eat on JAPAN trip! Japanese mom & dad + 2 kids! ONLY locals know!

Let me show you what I eat and cook on road trip in JAPAN! We are Japanese family of 4 having 2 boys ( age 3&5). On our Japan trip, We stopped at local fish market in Chiba prefecture! Stayed at Airbnb! doing BBQ! Went to German village! Showing homecooking dinner using vegetables from local firms.

I hope you guys feel like having a Japan trip with us!
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What Japanese mom eat series!

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10 Replies to “What Japanese eat on JAPAN trip! Japanese mom & dad + 2 kids! ONLY locals know!”

  1. NowGetThere Food

    AWESOME! I love food and I love travel. So nice to see you out and about in Japan. I have been to Chiba many times but only at Narita Airport. So nice to see some sights of this Prefecture! Thanks for sharing.
    More videos like this please 😉

  2. hammered_chris

    Miwa-san, if you are looking for a good suburb town, look at Utase in Chiba. In the middle of Haneda and Narita, so easy access to airports. Easy access to Tokyo, beach, and inaka Chiba. There is also a very good international school if you want your kids to learn english 🙂

  3. ペンタロー


  4. Sara Neumann

    Wow super cool trip, the area was beautiful as I loved to see what a Japanese farmers market looks like! And that air bnb was gorgeous, I hope to go to Japan soon and stay in a traditional style house or ryoukan! Can you eat daikon raw?

  5. Mina

    Thank you for sharing this amazing video, I enjoyed seeing your trip very much! I can't wait when we can stat planning our next trip to Japan… Please share the recipe for daikon, I always have daikon left over (after grating it with vinegar and salt) and then I end up throwing the rest away. Thank you for great recipes and videos.

  6. Mika Suson

    Miwa San! What an amazing trip! Now that I’m back to living in Japan, there are so many places I want to go with my family! Your food looks delicious….my husband loves to grill with charcoal. I love farmers markets too!

  7. Miwa's Japanese Cooking

    What's your go-to road trip snack?? Have you guys visited Japan?? Thank you very much for stopping by! Hope you guys will stay safe and healthy!

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