5 Things Only Japanese People Do

5 Things Only Japanese People Do


I hope you guys enjoy this video 😎

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25 Replies to “5 Things Only Japanese People Do”

  1. AaraaLy Channel

    I am not Japanese but I do all these things.🙂😊 coz I had been in japan for 3 years. Learned many good things ☺️

  2. Allysa Lott

    Wdym? I do all of this and my mother… Ah yes, having a Japanese mother is quite entertaining. (Although its hilarious seeing her do things that 'only Americans' do)

  3. Iga Dymarska

    Dammit… I did notice that "overreacting" in Japanese people's behaviour, but I felt kinda uncomfortable with that, assuming it's just something i'm not used to as a person of another culture. However now that a Japanese person has pointed it out, guess I wasn't wrong

  4. Rik Thunder

    actually, german ppl go "Hä?!" when they are surprised or shocked xD
    thinking: "Hm…"
    listening to people "aha? uhum?"

    So, just different intonations but other people do it too. At least I do.

    I think Canadians say sorry a lot too.

    Yeah, having your elbows on your table is considered bad manners in germany too. …not that I ever cared really. ^^° It's just comfy

  5. Sammy

    at the end of high school i may be going to japan as an exchange student, (i'll be going thru 12th grade for a second time in japan) right now im finishing 8th grade, so i'll be going in about 4 years (i know a lot of years) so i'll definitely be coming back here to learn my manors before going to a home full of nice people as an exchange student

    i'll try to remember and edit this comment before (if) i go

  6. キリル

    I am from Russia and I can say that we have all these reactions. And they look pretty much the same. But some are less emotional.

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