What are your Japanese studying tips | Ichimon Japan 08

On this episode of Ichimon Japan we ask: What are your Japanese studying tips?
Topics Discussed

How and why Tony and Ryan started studying Japanese
The structure of Japanese
Strategies and tips for studying Japanese and any foreign language
The difficult part about learning Japanese
Whether Japanese is a complex language
The usefulness of talking to yourself in Japanese and rehearsing conversations
Using anime, movies, music, and video games as tools for studying Japanese
Strategies for sounding more natural in Japanese
Reading kanji
The importance of learning things in context
The importance of doing things you like as a way to practice Japanese
Why video games can be a good tool for learning Japanese
The importance of using language as a tool
The importance of making mistakes
Using YouTube videos as a tool for learning Japanese
The importance of figuring out what strategies work best for you
The importance of daily practice and study
Practicing writing Japanese
The benefits of talking to native speakers
Textbook Japanese vs the casual Japanese found in the real world
How simple Japanese grammar is
And more!

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