Unboxing TINY REAL Convenience Store & Grocery Items (Food, Japan, Drinks, Manga Books!) – PART 2

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Be Sure & Watch Part 1 to see the first 4 boxes in this set! :3


0:00 intro!
2:47 unboxing box 1
5:28 unboxing box 2
10:18 unboxing box 3
15:27 unboxing box 4

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THEY’RE BACK!! in todays video we find even more of the tiniest, cutest, most realistic food miniatures EVER! after unboxing last years’ series 1 & series 1.5 mini brands have done it again with series 2! containing 70 all new real little grocery food items to collect! today we find some rare gold items, some metallic & even more!!

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20 Replies to “Unboxing TINY REAL Convenience Store & Grocery Items (Food, Japan, Drinks, Manga Books!) – PART 2”

  1. Celestia of the Heavens

    I really like having that up close camera angle and then the on on your face. I can see the food better and enjoy the details!

  2. Kim Wheeler

    I got several DIY kits to build model rooms etc where you have to cut, stick, etc for my birthday last year! I am really excited to do them but can't technically say I enjoy them as I haven't started yet… Maybe I'll be fed up by the end lol.

  3. Lucifine Lovestruck

    speaking of "MANGA", i'm always surprised for some reason when I remember you're into it too. i should go read some more…

  4. Hannah Kaiswatum

    Love the hair bunny! I barely watch ur videos but when I do I binge watch 20 of them in a row lol I always laugh at ur sense humor!

  5. Carrie Lankford

    I think we are close to the same age because I remember the machine that made a copy of your credit card. Used it a few times as a cashier.

  6. M Chap

    "Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong." ❤

  7. allaalify

    Bunny plss hold the scissors differently, they are not meant to be held this way hahaha it will be easier if u turn them the other way:))

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