Japan Trip (Jan-Feb 2016) – Part 1: Harajuku


Earlier this year I went on a three week-long family trip to Japan and here are some videos I recorded while over there!

I went to Tokyo, Nagano, Jigokudani, Hakone, Kamakura, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. This was my third time travelling to Japan, after three long years~

I’ve lost A LOT of the footage from the trip, or was unable to record certain parts due to technical issues (thanks Apple, and your crappy idea of 16GB smart phones). So this video series may be kind of short and not that interesting since I don’t have much footage of all the amazing places I went to :'(

However, I hope you enjoy what I’ve salvaged – I’ll see you sometime in the next part!!

Thanks for watching.

2 Replies to “Japan Trip (Jan-Feb 2016) – Part 1: Harajuku”

  1. hiroshi 。

    your video is interesting.
    that is too bad to lost your footage, but you have got so many memories with your familly.
    you and your mother are playful person. i like it.

    i enjoyed your video. thank you また来てね(*^^)v

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