Artist Permissions, New 24 Hour Metric in YTA, 2021 Tips from Creators, and MORE!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with a few updates about new metrics, permissions and tips from Creators for 2021.

Check it out and leave your comments and questions below!


0:00 Intro
0:05 [Launch] Permissions for Artist Channels
0:49 [Launch] Video Analytics in First 24 Hours
1:37 [Reminder] Comments Held for Review will be Auto Deleted in 60 Days
1:56 Creator Tips for 2021



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27 Replies to “Artist Permissions, New 24 Hour Metric in YTA, 2021 Tips from Creators, and MORE!”

  1. mattwo7

    Wow, I extended you people the olive branch and you still continue to ignore me. Maybe I should deliberately slip up and create some low-hanging fruit to get your attention again.

  2. Winged Canvas

    Hello, my live chat replay is greyed out on past livestreams, and I am unable to fix it in YouTube Studio. I have googled it and found no answers, but many people also experiencing the same thing. Is there a way to turn that option back on?

  3. CVN TV

    Hay how are you? My name is Emrah Babayev.  We have over 200 channels we manage on Youtube. I am adding some channel links here for you to look. Cvn Tv – Dj Roshka – Aslixan – Əlixan Rəcəbov – Fakhri Asadov – Sabi Orudjeva – Rafinsh – Nihat Melik – Fuad İsgəndərov – Ozan Ahmedov Official we have partners with 200+ like our partners We need a partner manager to develop these channels better and to prepare better videos for youtube. We provide our partners with camera, microphone and studio support free of charge. A big company currently our company has 120+ employees overall. We need tools to help us manage your channels will. İn the last 30 days [email protected] We sent over 30,000 copyright claims with mai. people are constantly stealing our labor from us. That's why we need a partner manager. Please help us with this.

  4. mattwo7

    You know what? My animosity towards you people has gone on for far too long. I'd like to make amends. Give me one good reason to abandon all of my reasons to assume bad faith and I will.

  5. Lalitha5

    Dear YT team,
    Good Morning🌻
    Nice news & updates on new year💐.
    Iam very much interested in 24 hours analytics data, this is superb update 👍
    Many thanks & Regards,

  6. vidIQ

    Love the first 24 hours time period addition… got a suggestion for an upgrade. The real-time traffic sources box still shows real-time, could you freeze that traffic source box for the first 24 hours when we select that time period?
    And while I'm thinking about that video-level real-time box that shows traffic source. Could make that available channel wide? It currently shows three top videos but it would be nice to cycle through traffics sources, videos gaining most subs etc (To clarify: A Channel-Real-time view count for traffic sources)

  7. Oliver Nordin

    Idea: when I put "best for viewer" as an end screen I might not want people to be recommended a demonetized/shorts/low avd/low ctr video. Would something like "best for viewer" within a group or playlist of videos be possible?

  8. TheDaviesLocker

    YOUTUBE SHORTS QUERY In regards to the 'thumbnail' is this still a frame auto-selected by YouTube? Will there be an update soon on when the creator can have a thumbnail or select the frame they wish to promote their video better? Thanks, love the videos!

  9. Kickstarter Radio 102.4

    Why do the end screens not work as intended? It's not just my channel but other too, especially big ones. Is it a bug?

  10. Angeline Thomas

    I like the 24 hour option update , I wish for future option too for filter the dates of the video easier like per year and month instead of old new and popular? Thank you for the updates !

  11. Dries Ketels

    It's very hard to know if my video is performing poorly because of issues with the CTR or because of issues with the view duration. The CTR might be low compared to the rest of my channel BUT very high compared to competitors on the video specific keywords. Resulting in the video performing well even though the CTR seems to be 'low'. Or the other way around, the CTR might be high on my channel but low compared to the competition. At this moment there is no way of knowing that in the analytics and so it's very hard to know when or if I need to change my thumbnail or change my video title to improve the performance of the vide.

  12. mattwo7

    Tell Todd that a channel that made fun of people making legitimate complaints about the new studio has no right to complain about minor jabs at you people's expense.

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