Hey folks, thanks for tuning in as always!

In todays video we’re going to fix the most common damage we see on a knife, a broken tip! A lot of customers come in and think their knife is beyond repair but its super simple and today we’ll show you how to fix it yourself!

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9 Replies to “JAPANESE KNIFE – TIP REPAIR 101”

  1. Fede Solano

    Maybe the bartender took it and fucked it up…again…..but we know it's the last time cause you just followed Sharp Knife Shop videos to sharpen your Ax and machete 🙂

  2. Jeff MacRae

    Good video 👍 I've seen more than my share of shuns with chips and tip issues. I know you don't sell them at the store…but do you feel it is an issue with the knife itself or due to user error?

    The best reason I've heard is that Shun trends to be the entryway to Japanese knives they're available everywhere and most people do not understand that it cannot take the same abuse as a "German style" knife or whatever they are replacing.

    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Take care

    PS… really enjoy the new format of the videos

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