How I Fell in Love with Japan – (Gaijin Perspective)

Not being back in Japan for a while now, and the isolation of our current situation gave me a lot of pause as to how and why I fell in love with Japan. As well as how that love has been fostered, beknown to me or not, for as long as I can remember…

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22 Replies to “How I Fell in Love with Japan – (Gaijin Perspective)”

  1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Please dont take offence but what I really enjoyed was the fact that your story was so ordinary. The start of it could have been anyones. That's nice.

  2. Larper64

    Talking about Japanese clubs in college brought back memories, especially setting up a matsuri and performing Soran Bushi. I wish I could have studied abroad, but I couldn't afford it.

  3. Erik the Feral

    Hearing all these experiences really motivates me to visit not only Japan, but the World.
    I am from Iowa, where most people usually work and live not far from where they were born, and where they'll die. I don't want to live like that. I've been fortunate enough to have many trips out of state, and I am currently preparing for future adventures later this year.
    I've sailed a boat at the Florida Keys. I've hiked a trail at Mount Rainer. I've been at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I've eaten a deep dish at Chicago, and reunited with family at El Paso.
    Here's to more.
    Thank you for this video, please keep up the excellent work!

  4. Keith Jones

    If I had to choose 5 Anime that influenced me as a kid I would go with the following
    – Pokemon
    – Spirited Away
    – Digimon
    – Dragonball
    – Sailor Moon
    the others that didn't make the cut are
    – Flint the Time Detective
    – Cubixx
    – Medabots
    – Ultimate Muscle
    – Ocean Waves
    – FF Spirits Within/Advent Children

  5. Sean The dracunyan

    What i love is the history and the storys of there generals there legends there monsters and myths the culture old and new i love historical stories and Japanese history is what i love the most it interesting its inspirational its creative its great i love Japanese history and culture and i hope more people will love it too

  6. Abiy BattleSpell

    honestly if u can u should just move over there. cost of living is prob cheaper there too and ur job isnt tied down so the transition be easy. id only bout aki, i dont know bout her so if she had to get a norm japanese job that would suck. and honestly if tht was the case then id say no. cause japan doesnt seem fun if u have to get a normal job

  7. Moe Lord

    1 word Godzilla lots and lots of Gojira. after that it was honestly the architecture maybe its from watching all those models being crushed or what but the castles. house, even the grass roof building were just so interesting to look at over the square boxes where i lived.

  8. Ebin Delgado

    The 4 anime that taught me important lessons in life:
    1.) Gundam 00: Understanding people and changing yourself is the key to true peace
    2.) Gundam Unicorn: Even so humans are fully flawed, we still have the potential to connect with each other
    3.) Gurren Lagann: Believe in yourself and keep moving forward no matter what lies ahead
    4.) Sword Art Online: You can't run from your problems, but you don't have to face it yourself

  9. Alex Trautman

    That makes me feel a lot better only having passed the old JLPT4 before it got split into 5 levels. Had to pause there to see which year to see if that was the new or old system. Looks like the new system?

  10. Blueknight 122

    Wow just hearing about your experience made me relive excusing why I watched sailor moon as a kid because dbz came on right after and always having to put up a no I'm not watching something girly front back in the 90s definitely different times may go back to it and try and watch it now that I've accepted myself for who I am now. Thanks for making me remember that I might not have experienced an anime to its fullest for male who defensiveness.

  11. Brenden Hickman

    I absolutely LOVE these channels, and I know its called gaijin for a reason, but i do kinda miss the days where he (/you if you see this 🙂 ) covered other cultures, I LOVE the idea of learning slavic/Chinese culture as in-depth as japanese, but as far as Ive seen no one covers it THIS close

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