ENJOYING KYOTO NIGHTLIFE | Gion, Ramen, & Sake | Japan Travel Vlog

Vlog 75, Country- #14 Japan
Hello Out of Towner’s! Welcome to Japan! In this video we enjoy a night out in Kyoto and explore this gorgeous city! We visit Gion, eat ramen, go to a speakeasy, and visit a Sake bar. Have you enjoyed the nightlife in Kyoto?!

Kyoto Engine Ramen-

The Bee’s Knees Speakeasy-

Sake Bumpy-

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Happy Travels, CA & Joe

5 Replies to “ENJOYING KYOTO NIGHTLIFE | Gion, Ramen, & Sake | Japan Travel Vlog”

  1. Out of Town Browns

    Hey Y'all! This video series was filmed in the Fall of 2019 prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are not wearing masks for that reason. Stay safe out there, we are thinking of you all!! – Courtneyann & Joe

  2. rarefaction curve

    Ahh, a new upload! Again I really enjoyed this one. The lanterns at the Yasaka Shrine look very pretty. Drinks must be very expensive in touristy areas of Kyoto. I just love the ambience of your channel. Always positive and fun. Looking forward to future uploads! Cheers!

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