Japan Trip 2016 [Day 9] We got lost & Sumiyoshi Taisha

We got super lost while trying to get to Sumiyoshi Taisha. But, not always that our trip is about the destination, it’s about the journey to the destination!

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  1. Steve Gano

    Watching this made me incredibly nostalgic for getting lost in Japan with my girlfriend 2 years ago. I loved wandering aimlessly in a small farm town with narrow streets! Thank you for sharing your experiences there.

  2. Art Bnd

    "This is somebody's house, this is not a tourist attraction" lol. Dont worry. First time I went to japan, I also acted like kate

  3. Steven Hadfield

    +Kate LovelyMomo Your fortune regarding work ; 仕事能力を磨くことが大切 means focusing on improving your job performance will be important.
    Your fortune regarding health; 自己過信は禁物, means you must make sure you definitely don't behave self-conceitedly.
    Maybe you don't wanna frame it too much anymore, sorry!!!

  4. Crobatman I am the night

    That is how male pigeons court the female pigeons kate, also that isnt alot you definitely haven't been to London.

  5. Crobatman I am the night

    I dont know what ryans on about i dont think alot of those buildings are homes there just shut down old shops.

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