A Japanese Monk Taught me How to Meditate 🌸 | 2020 Japan Travel Vlog (Story 9)

A Japanese monk teaches me how to meditate and it was intense.

Sometimes we need to slow down. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s time we start taking it seriously especially with the world the way it is now. Travel with me and come stroll through Japanese castle grounds, learn how to meditate, and make some gorgeous Japanese origami dolls!

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Places visited
Matsumoto Castle
Zenkouji Temple
Nagoya Tower
Chubu International Airport

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32 Replies to “A Japanese Monk Taught me How to Meditate 🌸 | 2020 Japan Travel Vlog (Story 9)”

  1. Kathina Gallery

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey Kelly. Love the editing here! Plus the music choice for each scene very well done. Even though I’m Christian and how/what I meditate on isn’t the same as the monks, I would like to try the meditation session. It’s beautiful to hear how that helped you understand your brother. I hope your family back at the States are doing well. It’s interesting to learn the history of a country that is fascinating to you! I’m looking forward to travel to Japan soon every time I study Japanese & your comment in the end was a hopeful reminder. ❤️

  2. Wind Cat

    Loved this video ♡ It made me want to try meditation. I never did anything like that, but this days I think it will be helpful to me.
    Thank you for sharing ♡

  3. JapanTherapy

    I have the same goal of visiting all the castles in Japan. Seeing Japanese castles always gets me excited. I love how they all have a different history and something unique about them.


    YOUR SO UNDERATED LIKE I CAN BELIEVE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DONT WATCH you but Konnichiwa Kelly I'm from Kannada Lol see what I did

  5. Lofi Cicada

    Kelly, when I first started watching your videos, my ego was so sensitive to getting life advice from strangers (feeling like "How could they possibly understand my situation?") I was a skeptic, though I'm lucky I never voiced those thoughts. Now, I find that your advice is sage, and I'm inspired to fully grasp the concept of embracing my imperfections, and being the best version of me. I hope we can all grow and blossom, thank you. ♥

  6. Beth Piper

    Love this! Thank you for sharing I would really like to try this meditation , also the temple and scenery is so beautiful! I always love your videos Kelly! 💕😊

  7. JustCrissie

    A beautifully edited video Kelly! That brought much inspiration. I'm going to give Zazen a try, it sounds right up my alley 😊🙏

  8. Chompable

    This video is so beautifully edit and very relaxing 😌 I absolutely loved temples, I grew up with going to them all the time, something about it makes you feel so wise 😅


    Wow! The editing was so magical! Thanks for making this inspiring video! Your videos help me get out of bed these days. 🙏🏼

  10. Mery Tiddia

    Thanks Kelly! You make me cry at the end of the video, you are so kind, i can't come to Japan but, thanks to you i'm in Japan in every clip you make for us! 🥰💖💖

  11. Sarah Mermaid

    This video made me incredibly emotional. This was so beautiful. I hadn’t planned on going to this part of Japan and now I need to, I have to.
    💕Edit: When you said “Don’t worry , even if you can’t come to japan right now , You will.” I am now sobbing because, you don’t know how much I needed to hear that! Thank you so much for these videos you make all the time and effort, you get me through the day. Just thank you. 🙏🏼💕

  12. KittieXaBlaze

    I really love watching this type of content. ❤🌸 The beautiful scenery, the wonderful tour guide, the amazing long lasting history built in to everything there, all of it mages me do happy to see and feel through this video. I'm going to check out the mediation. Hopefully it will help me. 🥰

  13. LaTina80

    I can’t wait for part 2 Kelly, c’mon I sometimes hate waiting- but then It gives me something to look forward to and appreciate the time you have taken to share these video’s! I also like the fact that these type of video are enjoyable and educational at the same time, my son as well most boys loved seeing the samurai and ninja, he has learned a few things from my uncle who was a black belt( I know unrelated) my son has learned the art of throwing knives ( basics), next he wants to learn about throwing stars( also maybe un realated) . And for anyone who reads this NO my son isn’t harming- he just like to collect and learn about this subject, it helps him focus and calms him!

  14. ジェシカ Jessica

    I don't know why but seeing your experience of meditation guided by the monk made me tear up a little. It is just so beautiful.
    It makes me so sad how many people fear other cultures and religions when there is beauty to be discovered in each of them. 💙🙏

  15. Lisa Biesterfeld

    You are so right it's important to slow down and take in the beauty of what's around you..I love this episode.. Kelly I love your brave soul. You just keep getting up and moving forward when something gets in Your way.. your a role model for those who are challenged in what they want to do in life and making it happen..As a mother myself it's been hard for me to watch your struggles but then I watch you get right back up.. I've watched you and your health battles and you just keep forging on I know if it were my child I would want to jump on the next plan to wherever they are. Your mother raised you well your a strong woman❣️

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