Japan Travel Restrictions: December 2020

The bad news? It isn’t totally clear when tourists will be allowed back in Japan again, at least not without significant restrictions. The good news? There also hasn’t been any re-tightening of the #JapanTravelBan since it began loosening.

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7 Replies to “Japan Travel Restrictions: December 2020”

  1. yuvaraj rajendran

    My company again booked the flights again and flights got cancelled. They said till end of Jan again the borders are closed in Japan.

  2. K E A L Y

    I wish you all the best in going back to Japan! You must be incredibly excited to head back there!! I hope I can go back soon! I feel like if I got the vaccine in my country I should be allowed to enter Japan without quarantine but I hope we get an update soon about it as I would like to go see my girlfriend! Thank you for making these update videos each month as they are great to watch 🙂 Safe travels and enjoy your Christmas with your family!

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