Walking around Osaka, Japan at Night – Dotonbori Namba Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural City Sound【4K】

1 hour evening / night time walk around Osaka, Japan. Starting from Namba station to Ebisubashi shopping street, Dotonbori river, Dontobori Street Food, Shinsaibashi, Sennichimae, Hozenji Yokocho Alley, Doguyasuji, Den Den Town (Nipponbashi).

🎧 This video contains Binaural Audio. Please wear headphones for best immersive experience.

📅 Recording Date: September 2019

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47 Replies to “Walking around Osaka, Japan at Night – Dotonbori Namba Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural City Sound【4K】”

  1. usagi tsukino

    Based on an outsiders perspective ( I’m American). Osakaites seem to be more “down to earth” and extroverted than tokyoites? Am I right in that assessment?

  2. Zacky CYD

    Thank you for the video, i never been to Japan not even once, this video makes me feel happy and satisfied, the more i watch it the more i want to visit this awesome country, love it😍

  3. Marcus Dandaneau

    That interactive drumming game at the end of your tour: I have to tell all the drummers I know that they have to go to Osaka now. Awesome!

  4. SneakerNet

    How i wish my country The Philippines is like this .. sad to say that 1987 constitution ruined the country to prosper……. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE A FOREIGNER AND WANT TO DO BUSINESS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.. you cannot own the business 100%… you have to owned 40% of it and 60% of it is filipino owner… THATS WHY COUNTRY PHILIPPINES IS SOO POOR.. (make fun of me i dont care)

  5. Huda Syed

    Imagine getting a VR and going into Japan walking simulator, it would be so damn awesome!!!💜from middle east!😊😊😊

  6. M R

    Es una lastima que el desarrollo y el progreso signifiquen la destrucción de la naturaleza. Estar viviendo entre estériles paredes y salir a la calle y seguir rodeado de estériles anuncios y paredes. En lo que alcance a ver del vídeo los árboles son ínfimos a comparación de las estructuras humanas.
    No vi montañas, praderas, nubes, césped.

  7. Ahmed Khalil

    what a nice placess clean and privacy and respect have roots nice work make more i need to see old hosess streets like naruto

  8. Grapes

    Was this filmed during December month? Is the weather really that mild that people are walking around with hoodies or t-shirts?

  9. Haunted

    It's crazy how every single person walking by has a story, they have a life. Each person has character and personality, we may just see faces that sometimes it's almost like we recognize them, but they have their own path they've taken that we could never even imagine. It amazes me I can see something like this from across the world. Life's fucking weird man.

  10. Toxic Ramen

    Thanks for uploading this. Went to Osaka last year and I loved it. Was planning to go again this year but because of the pandemic cannot go anywhere. Watching your videos is the next best thing.

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