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Around this time last year I was in Osaka and Tokyo and boy i really miss that. From strolling the streets of Dotonbori and getting all the street eats, to checking out the Japanese capsule hotels, which has long been a bucket list item of mine, it was just an all round good time. Japan’s probably the first place I’d visit whenever International Travel is permitted again, but for now, join me on my quest to find food items that make me reminisce on my solo Japan trip!

First we go to a place in Darlinghurst called Sandoitchi. They do Japanese style sandwiches – i got the pork katsu & the prawn katsu (my favourite is the prawn). We then head to Jugemu Shimbashi in Neutral Bay and I got a tempura & soba set (cold one because it was kinda warm that day) and an okonomiyaki (a Japanese savory dish containing a variety of ingredients in a wheat-flour-based batter). It had pork belly, prawns, scallops, calamari. It was… pretty good. just make sure you book in advance if you have friends to go to restaurants with lol.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Places I visited:
1. Sandoitchi Cafe
Address: shop 3/113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Prawn Katsu Sando
Pork Katsu Sando

2. Jugemu & Shimbashi
Address: 246-248 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Jugemu Okonomiyaki
Tempura and Soba Set

MUST TRY SOBA NOODLES in SYDNEY! (Japanese Eats and Restaurants in Australia) 悉尼必試日本美食


  1. Mac

    This makes me miss Sydney so much! All these amazing food options especially Asian cuisine!

    I had Okonomiyaki at the same place you did just a week before the lockdown last year and mine was with Wagyu beef (I think they call it the Genki Dama) and it was so good and if you like Japanese beer I had the Orion and it was so tasty and refreshing a definite recommend for a hot day. Cheers!

  2. someone lol

    The prawn and corn sandwich looks very appetizing. We have the egg salad sandwich and fruit sandwich at a Japanese take out in Canada. I am not too fond of the fruit sandwich.

  3. Nicholas Renotte

    Janice!!! We checked out Panda Yum Cha @macquariepark and it was ridiculously good 🔥. AMAZING recommendation! That Prawn Katsu Sando looks bomb, added to the list!

  4. Renee Dee

    Not sure why there's always a cut away when biting/eating the food and cutting back to you chewing. I find it so incomplete. Don't want to be negative but its like Sheldon's incomplete knocking sequence.

  5. Glenn

    Hi Janice just wondering why you deleted the first video you posted, you explained why you left your corporate bank job to become a YouTube blogger?
    I just came across another person who was unhappy with her job at Goldman Sachs and unjust attitude and treatment…

  6. Gopher-It-Now

    That made me hungry. Miss Japan so much. My favourite is Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima. We found this building that has 3 or so floors of restaurants dedicated to Okonomiyaki. Each one does their own spin. So delicious. When [email protected] is over, hopefully the Matsuri Festivals in Sydney returns, great chance to try Japanese street food.

  7. Quakerz

    Made the trip in to Sandoichi myself a few months ago, well worth it! that camera flash must have went off half a dozen times in the short period i was there though. Roku gin is top quality stuff also.

  8. Nicolas Robitaille

    If you ever go to Hiroshima one day you have to try their Okonomiyaki. They have their own way to prepare and it is different than the ones you can eat in Osaka. Some say that Hiroshima is the birth place of the Okonomiyaki but Osaka people say the opposite!
    At 7:04 you say Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls… You forgot to add gender neutral !!! We never know in this new crazy world, some might be offended 😜!!!

  9. John Lee

    Hi Janice… Good feelings when I watch ur video… Nice presentation.. U must hv a high distinction in ur English while u are in university.. Cheers

  10. NEZUKI

    Wow!! The prawn sando looks great, did the sandwich taste ok once you got home? Lol The okonomiyaki looks delicious, it would bring back memories of Japan for me too. Does that restaurant also do Takoyaki?

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