Maria Ozawa | Japanese Breakfast Foods You Should Try

Hi Guys!
Today, I’ll be eating different Japanese foods that are usually eaten during breakfast. Have you tried any of these food items? Which one is your favorite? Comment below! 🎵


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28 Replies to “Maria Ozawa | Japanese Breakfast Foods You Should Try”

  1. EjderDAN

    Back to the days of Japan i really loved mentaiko's taste. With buttered bread it's quite delicious. But grilled fish was the best part of a breakfast for me. And if i were with you at breakfast even just rice is .. error ! error! there is no blood left your brain. Please restart 🙂 Greeting's my dear.

  2. イアンIAN

    I understand that different cultures have dishes that are an acquired taste. I believe that even if a person isn't that eclectic should be open enough to try things. I've know people who've been to Japan and said, "Oh there was hardly anything to eat." So …. nice video. A bit of an eye opener to people worldwide. May your channel (both of them) have more subscribers this year. 😀 🌸 💖

  3. dsvilla

    Hello Maria, I’ve been eating natto regularly for breakfast for about a year now. For people with western tastes, it took about a week to get used to it. But then you actually start to like it! Great video and you look as beautiful as always.

  4. ZeroSeriesMMX

    For the "sliminess" of egg on rice, I think it'll be mostly Westerners who may complain about it, for one possible reason: that debatable point Westerners secrete more saliva than us Asians. But then again, to each his/her own.

  5. ZeroSeriesMMX

    Miyabi-chan: "Here's nori, blah blah blah…" 😋

    Me having flashbacks from the Yakitate JaPan manga and anime: "Moneeeeeeeeeeeet~" and then everything turns into an oil painting

    My face after feasting on nori boiled in cola: turns into a drooling Picasso painting

  6. Fahmi Putera

    her face change a lot….if you know what I mean
    still beautiful though !

    and I see a lot of my fellow Indonesian here…..hmmm, I know what y'all been watchin !

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