Japanese Ginger Pork Recipe (Shougayaki) 豚の生姜焼きの作り方 | Easy Japanese Cooking

Easy Japanese cooking – How to make Japanese ginger pork, also known as Shogayaki (生姜焼きの作り方). This is a very popular dish in Japanese cooking and very easy to make.

In Japanese, fully written as 豚肉の生姜焼き (buta niku no shougayaki)。

Those are thin pieces of pork marinated with a sweet ginger sauce. It’s super tasty, easy to cook, and goes well with rice.

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22 Replies to “Japanese Ginger Pork Recipe (Shougayaki) 豚の生姜焼きの作り方 | Easy Japanese Cooking”

  1. Japan Walk TV

    Let me know if you like these ASMR cooking no talking videos 😀
    Of course I will continue making my walking in Japan videos, but I also want to share my love of Japanese food!

  2. Gian Paolo Gliori

    Oishii! Looking forward to trying this recipe. Also good to find a use for soft Tofu as I got some by mistake. Thanks!

  3. Tom H

    wow that looks like an amazing and exciting dish to make/ cook. The food looks so yummy and delicious! Thank you very much for sharing another amazing cooking video.
    Tom from UK.

  4. yew nam mak

    This is really a good video! It looks very professionally done. Keep on doing more of these cooking videos, I think there is a lot of potential.

  5. Kelala Music

    As they say in the Hawaii, ʻono (delicious)!! Yes, by all means continue the cooking videos. One of my favorites is Tempura. Either shrimp or Japanese sweet potato (sorry, don't know the Japanese name for it). Looking forward to you next gourmet delight. Much mahalo!!

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