JLPT N5 Grammar "Does your(Mr.Suzuki’s) wife have a job?"| Learn Japanese

▷FREE JLPT Grammar List and Example Sentences

1) JLPT N5: 92 Grammar in total
2) JLPT N4: 85 Grammar in total
3) JLPT N5: 119 Grammar in total
This PDF contains a list of the grammar required for JLPT N3, N4, and N5, and example sentences on how to use the grammar.

With this PDF in hand, you’ll be able to see clearly what you need to do. (There are even check boxes to find your level)

You can find your weak points, focus on them and perfect your Japanese.

JLPT is the only internationally recognized test to measure Japanese proficiency.

With the certificate of having passed this exam, you’ll be able prove to any third party, (for example a company, a school, a public institution etc., or just your friends) your proficiency in Japanese.

Preparation for the JLPT requires that you study the basics in the proper order, therefore, these teaching materials are highly useful for Japanese learners, even those who have never taken the test yet.
Download the PDF and perfect your Japanese!

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