Takoyaki / Octopus ball made at home.

00:00 Synopsis
00:51 Japanese New Year’s flowers
01:13 Cooking Okinawa soba noodle (Toshikoshi soba)
03:16 Cooking Brown sugar zenzai
03:39 Shiratama mochi
05:10 Kagami biraki
05:41 Grill net bought at a shop in Kyoto
06:02 Baking Hot rice cake
07:20 Jujutsu Kaisen’s Goods
07:40 Genre of anime to watch
07:50 The game I’m playing (Touken Ranbu)
08:00 About Touken Ranbu
08:21 Touken Ranbu collaboration whiskey soda
08:50 Cooking TAKOUAKI
13:13 Ending

Takoyaki machine I use ↓

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