Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 13 Learn Japanese Language with Games

Come on guys, let us continue the adventure of Memories Off! Previously, Naoki having a class lesson of Orihime Sensei. The Sensei has been talking about “budget”, which brought Naoki into his own “budget”. As he’s been thinking how to cover his expenses, he then thought about do a part-time job to cover the expenses which is in dire situation all because of Kasumi.

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3 Replies to “Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 13 Learn Japanese Language with Games”

  1. Shinn Game 08

    Alright guys, "side dishes" time. What is "Side dishes"? Basically it's my other 8 games waiting in queue for playthrough to continue. I’ve decided to downgrade Root Letter into side dish for now. Also, I've decided not to renew my subscription for PS Plus so Sherlock Holmes will be postponed until I managed to buy the game. So there are only 7 games instead of 8 that are available for side dishes for now.

    Here are the 7 games on the list,

    1- Danganronpa V3

    2- Biohazard Revelations 2

    3- Corpse Party

    4 – Root Letter

    5- Detroit Become Human

    6- Yugioh

    7 –Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward

    So it will be decided by "dice of fate". I roll a dice, the game we should be playing will be decided by the number of the game on the list against the number the dice shown. Should I hit 1-3, I’ll role a dice 1 more time and we’ll be playing what the number of the dice shown, [for example, should hit 3, and then 1, we’ll be playing Dangan Ronpa]. Should I hit 4-6, I’ll roll a dice again. Should I hit 4-6 again, we’ll be playing Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward. But if I get 1-3, we’ll have to repeat the process again [of the first dice roll]

    So the result was, 5, 1, so it’s going to be another dice roll!

    4, 1, another roll!

    5, 1, another roll!

    6, 3, another roll!

    2, 6, so it’s going to be Yugioh!

  2. Shinn Game 08

    I know what you're thinking Brian. Probably you wanted to thank me for saying Lisa is cute, which it is indeed good for story development as Chinatsu is now being cautious on how Naoki is doing when he goes to Furyuuan. Sometimes my bold decisions can be good eh? It's okay Brian, let me hear you saying "thank you Shinn" and I'll be happy 😀

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