[VLOGMAS Day 14] Japanese Inception (Mini Japan Travel Guide)🗺

We’re not named OshareJapan for nothin’! It’s vlogmas day 14 and we’re finishing up our “world tour” a little closer to home by giving you a grand tour of Japan at Tobu World Square, Tochigi. Isn’t it about time you start adding some of these sights to your bucket list?

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Daimonji photo: 京都、五山送り火大文字。2005年8月16日、船岡山公園(京都市北区)で投稿者撮影 by J_o

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One Reply to “[VLOGMAS Day 14] Japanese Inception (Mini Japan Travel Guide)🗺”

  1. BebeInJapan

    Distant laughing lady had your back ❤️❤️
    Where is Nara?
    Also love how many shrines in japan seem to have mouts or however it is spelt. ❤️❤️

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